Effective Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies

5 Most Effective Business Marketing Ideas and Strategies

Marketing is all about getting your product and brand known, trusted and recognized. Identifying you target clientele helps to make your marketing more effective by personalizing your approach to marketing and making your product more enticing to that market.


Here we take a look at some different approaches to marketing that are unique and individual to really make your company stand out.

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Online Advertising

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Online advertising is the bread and butter of marketing for many businesses nowadays, with so many of us spending both our work and leisure hours on the internet. Paid advertising online advertising can be extremely effective and come in many forms, including email marketing, search engine marketing (SEM), social media marketing, content marketing, display advertising (including web banner advertising), and mobile advertising.


Although not particularly original, online advertising is very effective and an essential marketing aspect for any business.

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Social Media
Having a good social media presence can mean marketing and word of mouth referrals between from your target audience without much expenditure from you. All businesses should have a website, and linked to the website a Facebook page and a Twitter account to keep in touch with customers and to help reach out to new prospects. Regularly posting on social media reminds customers about your business, gives them updates about your business operations and can even help you give your customers important information about your products and services or other interesting topics. This is an excellent and important aspect of marketing all businesses should be on top of.

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Value Additions
Value additions are a different and effective way to market to existing or new customers. Value additions are similar to coupons and appraisals but they offer the stronger benefit of strengthening customer satisfaction and loyalty and giving you an edge over your competition. Value additions can include guarantees, discounts for repeat customers, point cards and referrals rewards – all ways to keep your current customers satisfied and coming back for more and to entice new customers to choose your product and services.


Often the only reason customers have for choosing one between two identical services is that one offers more value through a longer guarantee or a discount for a second purchase. Value additions in your business help secure these ‘on the fence’ customers and make sure they start and continue business with you.

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Business Referrals
Business referrals are a valuable part of marketing for a business that’s often not given much thought. Ever found yourself saying “We don’t do that here, but X down the street does”. This is business referral and it gives you a huge edge because customers already trust you once they’ve heard about your business from someone else. If you operate on a local level it’s a great idea to get to know other business owners in your area and develop a relationship with them so you can cross refer to one another.

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If your business is more spread out or online, you can still use this method although it’s not quite as effective. A useful technique is to partner with another complementary business service online and exchange ad space on each other’s sites, or have yourself included in their ‘Links’ page.


Company Branded Products
Having products either within your workplace or that you give away to potential customers is a great way to take a different approach to marketing. Perhaps you have a shop or office that your customers visit and you want to make sure they remember their visit after they’ve left. Obvious examples of this kind of marketing include a company’s logo on a coffee cup or food container or a branded promotional pen taken from an office. But this kind of marketing can include company branded products of all kinds, from uniquely branded lanyards to personalised umbrellas. The options are endless, and endlessly fun.

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Taking a fresh look at marketing means you can approach it from an entirely different angle, develop new marketing plans and do something all potential customers will love: be original.

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