Small Business Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Common Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Are you a small business owner and you want to learn the right marketing strategies you should be using for your small business? Most small business owners make some marketing mistakes they are not aware of most times. Whether you like it or not, applying the wrong marketing strategy into your business can bring your business to a close.

There are some small business marketing mistakes you should avoid as a business owner if you want to expand your business. While some mistakes are so small that they might not cost you too much in the short term. But, as you continue doing them, it will become larger and might end up leading you to unnecessary expenses and waste of time.

Let me share with you 7 small business marketing mistakes you should avoid to ensure your business grows exponentially. Maybe you might not be making some of these marketing mistakes, at least it will make you re-access yourself before it becomes too late.


  1. No Marketing Plan

The first small business marketing mistakes you should avoid is not having a marketing plan. Trying to promote your business without a marketing plan is never a good idea. You might get lucky with the end result that you want but chances are you will waste a lot of money and time in the process.

Every business need a marketing plan so does your business. You must avoid this marketing mistake if you want to stand above your competitors in your industry.

  1. Trying to Sell to Everyone

No matter how good your products or services are, you can’t sell to everyone. You can’t classify everybody as your customers. Even if your products or services appeal to a broad audience, when it comes to marketing, you need to narrow your message and marketing approach to a particular group of people.

The fact remains that most people don’t have interest in buying your products or services. So, you will be wasting your time and resources marketing to them. Do not try selling to everyone.

  1. You Don’t Have a Website

Nearly half of small business in the US do not have a website. Some business owners think they don’t need it because they operate small business. If you are among them, you are leaving money in the table.

I don’t think what kind of business you are in, you need a website because 90% of consumers search for products and services online and most of these searches are local stores.

Do not start thinking that creating a website is a whole lot of hard work or too expensive. Fortune 500 companies use get most of their leads through their website. They use their websites help to bring traffic so readers can go through their contents and possibly sign up to get more.

  1. Not Investing in Social Media Marketing

Another small business marketing mistakes you should avoid in your business is not taking time to invest in social media marketing. There is no debate against the fact that social media is one of the most powerful tool for business marketing. Unfortunately, most small business doesn’t have time to invest in social media marketing for their business which is very wrong.

Social media is the most affordable and effective marketing techniques for small business owners and you should avoid not taking advantage of it for marketing your business.

  1. Putting all Your Marketing Eggs in One Basket

It will be very wrong that because you love Facebook so much that you focus all your marketing efforts on Facebook alone. Scratch that thought out of your mind.

I am not advocating that you must use every marketing tools at your disposal, but, you should avoid putting all your marketing effort only on one channel. You need to explore other channels like blogging, press release, radio, flyers and billboard.

It is better to diversify your marketing so you can reach a wider audience. That way if one toll is not working well, you can just focus on others that are bringing in good results instead of scrambling on what to do next.

  1. You Don’t Track Results

This is a common mistake among small business owners. If you don’t track your results, how will you know what works and what does not? If you are not tracking your results, there is no way you can learn. Because from the results you are getting, you are knowing where you are making mistakes and areas where you need to put in more efforts.

There are so many tracking tools and software that can help you in tracking your marketing results.

  1. Ignoring SEO

The last small business marketing mistakes you should avoid on my list is ignoring SEO (Search engine optimization). So many small business owners are yet to see the opportunities in leveraging SEO for their marketing.

If you don’t know anything about SEO, there are so many information about SEO on the internet right now. (Google it).

High ranking on Google and other search engines can lead more visitors to your site. I know it might be very costly but the results are worth every penny you are going to spend.


An important thing to do in business is to maintain the flow of customers in your business. People argue on the best method you can use to get new customers, so you will not be short of bad advice that will surely lead you astray.

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The common marketing mistakes small businesses make are as follows;

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1== Making use of the cheapest way of marketing.

Experts suggest that the greatest marketing mistakes small businesses make is looking for the cheapest options. Instead of searching for very cheap marketing that will yield little or no effect, why don’t you look for an average sized marketing that will attract more customers and improve your sales.
But remember, not all marketing investments produce results immediately.

2== Getting worried over your business image.

Most marketing experts contend that the greatest marketing mistakes small businesses make is worry about business image. It is understandable that after your investments, you wish to keep your image intact. This is one big international marketing mistakes that should be avoided.

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Keep this in mind:

The main aim of your marketing strategies is to get more sales from increased patronage. What makes the difference in result is creative, fun, outrageous marketing, not boring ones.

3== Failure to test.

Many people fail to test the marketing strategy before making use of it on a large scale. Testing your new style of marketing is better than opinions and beliefs from the marketing experts. If someone advise you to do try a new method, test it to know its efficiency before you decide to go all the way.

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4== Being Vague.

Don’t be unclear in your marketing, focus on giving your reader a clear message of what they stand to gain, ranging from bonuses, to a one time deal. Ensure that your target audience gets your message crystal clear. This is one of the most important small business email marketing mistakes.


Marketing your small business is one thing you should not overlook if you must succeed with your business. Above are 7 small business marketing mistakes you should/must avoid of the growth of the business.

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