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Lucrative Internet Business Opportunities in Nigeria

You’re searching to get the best online businesses you can run in Nigeria? The emergence of the internet in Nigeria has allowed many citizens to take advantage of the World Wide Web to make money online.

Several hundreds of Nigerians are making millions of naira every day via the internet. Despite the presence of cyber-crime which is also prevalent in the country, several individuals, as well as business corporations, are legitimately using the internet to boost profits and make money.

There are several platforms through which one can make money using the internet.

This article will be treating some of the best online businesses to start in Nigeria and how anyone who wants to improve his/her life can use the internet to his/her advantage:

1. Freelancing: Freelancing is one of the fastest ways anyone can make money on the web. In Nigeria today, hundreds of individuals are using freelancing websites to earn money as they sell products or offer commercial services on these platforms.

Some of these online marketplaces such as Freelancer, Fiverr, iWriter, Gigbucks, etc. are helping Nigerians to make millions of naira online. All it takes for you to be able to make money on any of these marketplaces is for you to offer products or services.

If you are skilled in using Photoshop for photo editing, creating logos or eBook covers, or you if can use WordPress to design responsive websites; or perhaps, your skill is in article writing, writing press releases, proofreading, and editing documents, then you are qualified to start using these online marketplaces to make money.

If you also have access to software that can help people in driving real human traffic to their websites, or that can assist in boosting their blogs or websites to the first page of search engines, then you are ready to start. You don’t need any academic degree for you to start. A computer (a desktop or laptop), an internet connection as well as your skill, and you are set for business.

2. Blogging:
Blogging is gaining popularity every day in Nigeria as people have begun to catch on how lucrative it is to everyone who has the time to do it. All it takes to start blogging is to have a flare for writing, be good at using the internet to research relevant topics that will attract hordes of human traffic and then proceed to set up a blog.

There are various platforms online where you can quickly set up your blog. Google, the number search engine in the world has a free blogging platform if you have an account with them, known as Blogspot.

You could also decide to purchase a domain name and pay for hosting as well, then get someone to create a WordPress website for you where you will be showcasing your writing talents.
Blogging entails writing for specific clients in an engaging way and for a targeted audience; doing do will make any targeted visitor that visits your blog to like and become a loyal reader of whatever you write.

3. Affiliate Marketing: Another online business that is making Nigerians become millionaires is affiliate marketing. What makes this online business model so attractive is that you do not require your product or site, you don’t have to bother about building any email list, you don’t even have to worry about sending any product.

All you have to do is visit online marketplaces like Clickbank, Commission Junction, Amazon, etc. to pick a product, obtain your affiliate link and then market that link to people.

You can use various platforms for selling that product via your link. There are two models of this type of online business; the first model only pays you when someone signs up or downloads something, maybe a software or application through your affiliate link.

This type is known as Click Per Action (CPA) and is the fastest-paying model of affiliate marketing. The second model pays you when people purchase the product via your affiliate link.

You can use any social media platform to promote your affiliate link and get paid when someone performs the required action.

4. Information Marketing: People are looking for solutions to their personal problems. That is why they go online to search for them. If you are excellent at using the internet to find quality information, then package the information in the form of eBooks and then sell it to people who need it, you are on your way to making millions. This type of online business is known formally as Information Marketing, the art of selling information online.

So whichever online business model that suits you make sure you pick one and take action right away!

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