Best Ways To Earn Money Online in Nigeria


There is no best ways to earn money online in Nigeria except from the ones I will be discussing in this post. I know you must have been looking for genuine ways to earn money online because you must have heard testimonies of people who are making it big every day. I do get messages on my mail from various people who know me and have heard about my story asking me to give them a lucrative online business that will be generating money from them.

The best known ways of making money online in Nigeria and anywhere in the world is by selling products or services to people who needs what you are selling. Just like any other business, online business still involves buying and selling. You look for what people are ready to buy and sell it to them in a relatively price they are willing to pay. But, it is not easy, it involves you investing your time and money.

I won’t lie to you. I know there are many blogs and sites telling you that they started making money just two weeks of starting their online business. And they will be showing you screenshot of their bank transactions.

Hello from the other side. Don’t be deceive, I know of a guy who uses bulk sms to send messages like a bank account statement to himself and start displaying it online. I have never seen or heard of anyone who truly started an online business and started making five figures within two weeks. I am an online entrepreneur, and I know how long it took me to hit my first five figures.

In this post, I will be showing you practical steps on three best ways to earn money online in Nigeria.

Before we go into it, you will need some requirements which are;

1. An internet connection.
2. A laptop or smartphone (I personally started with a smart phone).
3. A lucrative business idea(s).
4. A blog

So, here are the best ways to earn money online in Nigeria.

1. Information Marketing: This is one lucrative million naira business idea that has made so many people extremely rich in Nigeria today. But how can you tap into it? Very easy! Just like it name,“information marketing”, your job is to look for an information that is so rare and people are ready to pay just to get it and you market that information to these information to them.

Now, what is this information? What you’re reading is just a perfect example of such information. But the only difference is, this one is free. People are searching day-in-day-out how to;

* Start importation business.
* Start a Forex trading business.
* Make money from Blogging.
* Affiliate marketing etc.

If you have all these information, you can package it in an e-book format, or audio or video format and sell it to information seekers through your blog.
This business idea has lot of marketing work because you have to build trust before you can sell. People can’t just pay money into your bank account without first trust that what you are selling is the right product and you mean what you are saying online.
You will need to have a blog, and laptop to prepare your product and the information you will be marketing to start this business. And, note that your information must be what people are willing to buy. That means you must do your research very well before launching out.

2. Freelance Writing: One other best ways to earn money online in Nigeria is by rendering freelance writing services to bloggers and online publishing companies. Do you have passion in writing and would love to earn from it? This is a very rich business idea that can feed you for a life time. Bloggers must need fresh content to keep their blog running and feed their audience.

Even online marketers also need content to market their product and they are also too busy thinking of how to market their product. So, your job as a freelance writer is to make them less worried about creating content and grow their business. Just one consistent client is enough to make you five figures income monthly.

3. Blogging: Everyone is running into blogging but not everyone is making it like the big guys are. One reason is that, they are going into blogging because of the money not because of passion. Another one is, there don’t have patience and are not persistent enough to scale through the hard times.

There are many ways to earn money by blogging. It includes;

* Affiliate Marketing.
* Google AdSense.
* Selling of space for advert placement.
* Selling information product.

For you to start blogging, you must choose your niche. A niche is your area of focus for your blog. It may be business, making money online, technology tips, relationship matters, health and skin issues, investing etc.

After choosing your niche, you start posting content on that niche, share and promote the content and try to build a list to increase your traffic before you can start thinking of income from your blog.
Be certain that it takes a lot of time to do this. It is better you learn from an expert or work with a mentor.

So, hope I have been able you help provide you with the best ways you can earn money online in Nigeria? See you at the bank!

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