3 Reasons Why You Should Be Rich

Why You Should Be Rich + Become a Rich Man Tips

Let’s be honest with ourselves. We all want to be well off, wealthy, rich and have abundance. I thought long and hard about sharing with you this information especially during times like these. I know that millions of people have lost their jobs; some are frustrated about their job due to having no-time for family affairs and so they are thinking of starting a business.

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First of all, you wish to become rich in short time and remain rich forever. None of us plan to be average. Why?Things are increasing in price in the market yet salaries don’t follow up.

The worst part of all is that even in this economic trouble, some groups of people are not affected. They still live normal lives as if they’re not from this planet. The ups and downs in the country’s economy do not affect their pocket economy.

Don’t you desire to be among these people? I know after reading this post, you will long to become rich starting with nothing and find all possible means to maintain that position.

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1. If You Don’t Get Rich, You Will Die Poor

With the economy trends of the country, it shows that if you’re not among the rich, you can’t enjoy anything that’s happening. And you’ll only end up complaining and blaming the government. Price of things continues to go up in the market from food to transportation, even bank charges. What $20 can buy last month can’t be bought at that same amount again. And you say you don’t want to be rich fast? Not me! Your job will not help you because your boss will say the crisis is also affecting the business.

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So what is your plan to become a rich man from nothing?

I want to get rich but don’t know how? What strategy do you have in place to get rich and leave this rat-race kind of life? Do you want to die poor? Or do you prefer being average? You need to start working on how you will become rich if not wealthy. Start reading books on finance and personal development; listen to audios, videos and get a coach, a mentor who will help you achieve your aim.

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2. Your Family Needs it I Beg You!

Okay, let’s not be greedy. If you don’t want to get rich and famous at least let your family taste a little from it. Think about your mum, about your children. Do you want your children to ask you what you were doing when your mate were making money?

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What inheritance do you have? (Should I talk more? Yes, I will) Now, an inheritance may not necessarily be money or lands or properties. It can be knowledge of vital information which you were not opportune to have and utilize. So you pass it to your children so they can execute it and pass it to their own children.

It may be an information of how to make money doing a particular thing but you were too old or do not have the resources to work on it. So you prepare your children and teach them so they can run with vision. A good man leaves an inheritance for their descendants. What are you leaving for yours?

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3. So you can join them

You know what I mean. You have seen them. You even hate some thinking that they’re wicked or they got their money through evil ways. They are not wicked. They just know what you don’t know. And the best thing for you to do is to learn from them so that you can join them. These people, no matter the price of fuel, foodstuffs etc, they still live very comfortably because they understand the game of money.

You have to be rich so that you can join them or better still us (am I being proud?).

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Now do me a favour. Put your right hand in your chest and say these words;

  • I must be rich so that I will not die poor.
  • I must be rich because my family deserves that lifestyle.
  • I must be rich so that I can join them.
Success keeps a list, your bank account keep scores and it’s only a matter of time until your name comes up.

See you at the bank!

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