3 Fast Selling Products In Nigeria Without A Single Advert

Three No Ad Products Fast Selling Products in Nigeria Today

Do you know that there are fast selling products in Nigeria that you can sell and make money without a single advert? There are products that are selling hot and will continue to sell hot in Nigeria irrespective of the recession and we don’t get to watch adverts on these products.

If you are among the thousands of Nigerians running up and down looking for a business to start, you can venture into selling fast selling products and make good money from them on a daily basis.

If you are curious about the fast selling products, I will be sharing them with you. Many times I hear people complaining that their problem is not starting a business but getting customers to buy from them in a continuous basis so they can continue to make profit in their business.

They want to start a business that they won’t struggle getting customers.

With my list of fast selling products in Nigeria without a single advert, there will be no excuse why you should not venture into any of these products and start trading.


This is one fast selling products in Nigeria that sells hot without a single advert or have you watch an advertisement on Garri once? Garri is one food that is consume daily in any household in Nigeria.

It is a food eaten by the rich and poor in any form. Garri doesn’t need advert to sell because the need is too high for anyone to waste his or her money advertising it. The product sells itself.


This is one fast selling products in Nigeria without a single advert. Just like Garri, fish is highly consumed by both the rich and poor. The need in the market is so high that are so many traders selling fish in the market and they are always surrounded by buyers.

Whether it is dry fish, fresh fish, Tilapia or cat fish, fish still remains a fast selling product in Nigeria that does not need a single advert to move the market. No matter where your shop is located, as far as there are people living in that area, you are certain to make sales.

Recharge Card

Advertisements are not placed on recharge card but on the networks. This makes it another fast selling product in Nigeria. With a good location, an umbrella, a table and a chair, you are good to go.

You don’t need to tell people that they should come and buy from you as far as you are in a busy street that lots of people and cars do pass through. People must recharge their phone and nobody cares about having a customer they buy from. They just buy from anyone close to them.


These are second hand wears known as fairly used. They consist of clothes and shoes. These products are one of the highest selling products in the market because of its affordability. This product comes in different grades as some grades are expensive more than others but they are all called Okrika.

Venturing into this business won’t be a bad idea because there is high patronage for the product as some people can’t afford to go for new clothes and shoes.


We don’t have too many company producing sugar in the country and nobody cares about which company is producing the product they just want sugar in their tea, garri or anything they want to use it for.

You can choose to sell it in sachet just as you bought them from the wholesaler or you can choose to repackage them into small nylon and sell for ₦10 which is even more advisable if you want to sell fast.

Rechargeable Light

Rechargeable lights are another fast selling product in Nigeria without a single advert. The present power issue in the country encourage the sales of this product in the market. I have two at home and there is hardly any home that does not have a rechargeable light even if they have generator.


For people that don’t use gas, kerosene is their source of heat for cooking. This product is always found in any store in Nigeria because it is always asked for and it does not last in the store because consumers are always in need of it.

If you are already selling fast consumer moving goods, you should add this fast selling product to your market to make more money and to draw customers to your shop.

Writing Materials

Writing materials include books, pen, pencil, jotters and others. These are products used in the educational sector and they are in high demand. School children need them to be productive in class as well as the adults in tertiary institutions and even people in offices need writing materials too.

Writing materials is one fast selling product in Nigeria without a single advert and you need to take leverage of the market as a wise entrepreneur.

Nylon Bag

One fast selling product in Nigeria that is also cheap and needed for packaging. Nobody runs advert on nylon and yet the product is fast selling. There is no way you will buy any product that a nylon won’t be used to wrap what you bought.

This makes it a necessity and if you are a producer of this product in your street or community, you are certain to make it big in your community or street.  As far as people are trading in that area, they will need nylon bag to wrap items bought by their customers and this is where you play a major role by providing it for them.


==> Garri: Garri is produced from grated cassava that is then smoked. This food is a fast food delicacy for everyone especially the common man. Garri does not need any serious marketing. This is because buyers are usually the ones looking for the product. Well, you may introduce some marketing idea where competition is intense but asides this, Garri business does not need any serious advert.

==> Ponmo: This delicacy is processed from animal hides and skin. Ponmo is consumed in many parts of the country. You will be shocked that in some canteens, the cost of buying ponmo is way higher than beef. This is due to the high preference for this product. I have never come across any advert for this product but I can assure you, it sells fast.

==> Okrika: Okrika is the term used in Nigeria for fairly used clothes, shoes, belt, bags and other accessories. These second hand products come in various grades: Grade A, Grade B, first Grade, 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade. The truth is that Okrika business does not need advert. Feel free to visit Katangwa, Cotonou, Togo, Seme, Aswani, different road side stores to confirm that okrika materials sells well.

Other products that sell fast without a single advert include: 
==> St Louis Sugar
==> Recharge Cards
==> Suya
==> Kerosene
==> Tiger Generator (I-Pass-My-Neighbour)
==> Eggs
==> Dunlop bathroom Slippers

ponmo-sell-no-advert- ponmo in Nigeria pictures

Do you know of any product that sells without much marketing? Is there any fast selling product in Nigeria without a single advert I did not mention above? Let me know via the comment box.

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