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Probably, you are finding how to write a simple one page business plan very daunting. Then you are not alone, it’s something very common, especially because most people do not know the rudiments of writing it in the first place. Well, nothing to worry about because in this post, I will show you the format to write a simple one page business plan.

In writing a simple one page business plan, you must be as confident in ideologies as much as you possibly can, and at the same time, very delicate with your choice of words. Your words can earn you funds if adequately concocted, and can mar your impression if poorly done.

From executive summary to the market strategy, to financial plans, you should consider impressing your reader with your organization content of the plan.

Without further ado, we would consider each of the key sections that make up a rich business plan:


Table of Content

This section of your one page business plan contains all the information as to the content of the plan. It contains the title of each sections of the business plan like the executive summary, the mission statement, the core values, and so on until the financial analysis. It should organize each section in such a way that it would enable reader easily locate where exactly he wishes to read.

The table of content is unarguably the most essential part of your business plan, as it enables busy reader easily look directly to your objectives, financial analysis, strategies, etc., without the feeling of wasting time.

The Executive Summary

This section in your one page business plan comes usually just after the table of content. It includes information as to what the organization or firm actually does, the structure of its administration, who are responsible for the management of the business. It goes on to describe in most cases the role of each managerial staff; but considering optimizing the space for the plan, you could omit this part.

Mission Statement

This is a short piece of message that conveys the status that the organization is collectively striving to attain. It could vary from ranking number 1 in the industry, to being the best in customer relationship, and many others. But the mission must be powerful enough and worthy of investments.

Core Values

These are sets of virtues that the organization uphold whatever the situation is. They portray the organization’s public impression, and as such would brief any investor about the nature of dealings the organization partakes in.


This section in your simple one page business plan is vastly important. Consider brevity when putting your business objectives down, so that readers can easily catch the message. It is recommended that you use numberings to itemize your objectives, and set them apart.

They should be the goals the firm looks forward to achieving after some time of operation. They should be as concise as they can be.

Products and Services Offered 

The very products that the firm boasts are to be mentioned under this section. Also, the services the company offers are to be presented here in a listed fashion. However brief, you must make this section of your one page business plan do well to coat the information presented with some details; for example, instead of saying ‘dealers on solar panel’, it would pull more attention in the form, ‘solar panel sales and installations’.

Market Analysis

Here you consider the nature of the market. The different partitions: Middle class, lower class, and upper class. Which one of these categories would likely demand your product or service?

There are different fashions the market segmentation can assume, it could be young and aged categories as well, like when you are going into the business of fashion dresses. Simply segment the market based on your product or service.

Aside from segmentation of the market, you also consider the target market for your products and services. You describe how the locality you have your business would/had responded to your business; and form a conclusion if you have your target market under your nose or not.

Market Strategy

This is where you should impress the reader with your ideas. What promotional measures are you about to or have taken towards pulling the market in your direction? What steps have you take to woe your competitors in the good spirit of sportsmanship? Spill it all under this section. Make every strategy easy to comprehend and positioned for complements.

Competitive Advantage

What advantage do you have over your competitors that place you in the forefront of the market?
Perhaps your business enjoys proximity to a location where you sort of service is highly sort after, this is where you get to make the reader of the plan believe in your business. Prove that your business has got potentials.

Sometimes, in some simple one page business plans, a SWOT analysis section is included in place of Competitive advantage section, or a combination of the two.

Financial Analysis

Under this part of your business plan, we have the have the most sensitive information about the business. They are the indicators by which most investors gauge the likelihood of success or failure of your company. So if they are not well-posed, you stand a chance of losing out on funds. It contains any monetary information of the business.

This part typically contains information on the following:

• Budgets
• Cash Flow
• Break Even analysis
• Profit and Loss records


Whatever has a beginning should have an end. This section marks the end of your simple one page business plan. In most cases, a 2—3 sentence summary of the entire business plan.

NB: While writing the plan, do well to go straight to the point, as you are not writing a romantic novel; give the briefest possible details. Under these sections, you can fold value information into a simple one page business plan outline without any damage to the message conveyed; and then earn yourself a worthy business plan that guarantees fund generation.

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