Starting an Ankara Business in Nigeria – Practical Guide

Interested in starting an Ankara business? If YES, here is how to start Ankara business in Nigeria with no money and no experience.

How to Start Ankara Business in Nigeria

Everyone, whether we chose to admit it or not, loves dressing stylishly. We always enjoy it when someone says, wow! You look good or I love this your outfit…especially the ladies. With this in mind, one business that has been found to have rapid growth in Nigeria is the Ankara business in Nigeria. Gone are the days where people only wear ‘native’ to church.

In fact, gone are those days where we call them ‘native’. Today, Ankara business in Nigeria has moved from just clothes to include accessories, from Sunday wears to office clothes and from the Nigerian market to the International market.

Today, we now have Nigerian designers. They are no longer referred to as tailors, they are now called fashion designers. Fashionistas are now so creative at using Ankara to design so many clothes, accessories including shoes, bags, jewelries, both on the national and international scene.

The Ankara business in Nigeria is now paving and making headway all over the world. Even the former first lady of the United States of America has been spotted wearing one of ‘our’ designs (‘our’ referring to Nigerian made Ankara).

So, are you interested in fashion? Do you have the flair for design and creativity? Are you interested in going into Ankara business in Nigeria? Here are some helpful tips to guide you on your journey to making money on Ankara business in Nigeria.

Determine your Niche

The first step in going into Ankara business in Nigeria is determining your niche. Chose the area of Ankara business in Nigeria you would love to specialize in. are you interested in Ankara handbags for males and females?

Would you prefer designing different Ankara attire, or is it the shoes you are interested in? most people try to lay their hands on every aspect of Ankara business in Nigeria. Personally, I would not advice that. It is better to focus on one aspect and be perfect at it. This would make people know they can count on you when it comes to that particular niche of Ankara business in Nigeria you have decided to focus on.

For example, I have heard people say, wow! I love the gown that fashion designer made for me, but he or she did not make my husband’s attire very well. These are some of the issues you encounter when you do not determine your niche in Ankara business in Nigeria and you decide to touch every aspect of it.

You could decide to combine some, for example, making accessories including, shoes and handbags. The important thing is, let there be an aspect of Ankara business in Nigeria that you are known for.

Learn, Research, Learn

The next aspect on going into Ankara business in Nigeria is to learn the skills required for whatever niche of Ankara business you have decided to focus on. Gone are those days where people learn tailoring for two years or more.

These days, you could achieve any skill you desire in less than three months. This can of course only happen when you are determined and most importantly, have a creative mind. Ankara business in Nigeria is all about creativity, so all you need to learn is the basics, which would not take you long to learn.

Research online and get free online training on whatsoever skill you desire and you could combine it with learning in a brick and mortar school.

Start your Ankara Business in Nigeria

So many people make the mistake of waiting till they have got hundreds of thousands to buy all the equipment they need before starting their Ankara business in Nigeria. This is wrong. It leads to postponing and postponing and when you eventually start, it takes you a long while before you start making real profits from your Ankara business in Nigeria.

As soon as you get the skills needed for your Ankara business in Nigeria, it is advisable to start immediately. Oh, some would be wondering, where are the tools? What sewing machine would I use?

Where are the customers?

It is easy to start your Ankara business in Nigeria with little or nothing. Have you got that Ankara in your house you never sewed? Take it to the nearby tailor close to your house, tell him or her, you will do amendments free for her if he or she allows you to use his or her machine.

Make your dress, wear it out, post the pic online on social media, you will definitely get customers who would be interested and would pay upfront for any work you do for them… see? That is how to start.

Are you interested in Ankara shoes? Go to the nearby cobbler, offer some services in exchange for using his tools and start up. With time, you will be able to acquire all you need to set up shop somewhere.

Advertise your Products

It is hard to believe some people are fashion designers when you see the way they dress. Others, do not need to announce themselves, it is written all over them. You are your number one customer and advert platform when it comes to Ankara business in Nigeria.

Wear your products all the time, upload pics online on social media as this is one way to ensure your Ankara business in Nigeria would succeed.

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