How To Make Money Online in Nigeria

How To Make Money Online in Nigeria into Your Local Bank Account using the Best Internet Businesses That Can Earn You Millions as a Nigerian PDF

What are some practical ways to make money from the internet in Nigeria for free?
In this post, I am going to orientate and enlighten you all on how you can actually make cool money online in Nigeria. This discussion is partially in conjunction with one of my previous post on 'How to make money from home' and I shall however take my time to ferret out the techniques it involve to make money online in Nigeria fast with little or no stress.

Are you so engross and can't wait to earn money online? Have you been trying different stuffs online and couldn't make any difference? If actually you care and want to make money online in Nigeria without paying money to start then you are on the right track by coming down here.

Online Jobs To Earn Money From the Internet in Nigeria
There are many website out there that have wrote series comprising step by step write-ups on how to make money online in Nigeria but at the end you wouldn't see any different but today I will make sure my point are elaborate and even clearer so that you will get the picture of what I'm saying in essence once and for all.

How do I Make Money Online From Nigeria?
Without mincing words and much ado, it's apparent that average Nigerian spent more than 5 hours with their phone clutched to their hand pressing, and some busy watching their laptop screen surfing the net on how to make money online as Nigerians but the reality is that none of them are ready to expose the secret for you.

In a nutshell, here are the top 6 ways of making money online in Nigeria with or without a website.



You only know how to buy products online, right? Have you shop on or the likes? Okay, you actually don't know they buy stuffs online? If you don't know then I'm telling you now, if you are versed in any artistic skills but don't know how to make real sales, it's advisable if you can visits some online hub for the sales of your precious work. We have many places like,, and others, visit various media outlet that specify their niche, sell your stuff to them and you will count your money in peace.


There is no gainsaying the fact that sport betting is now a trend between young and older youth of Naija these days. Thanks God the popular football leagues in the world we soon commence and you can happily place your money on any of your choice with nothing less than ₦100 and if you are lucky, with that token you incur in the betting, you can scoop ₦100,000 or there about.

Funny enough, just a prediction of scores, corners, saves, foul loss and other jargons you can think of in sport, predict it correctly and have your money, not negotiable. I would love to discuss with you some other day on how to place money online for sport betting, are you in for this online business in Naija? Wow! I know football lovers will surely go for this.


You can make money online in Nigeria through websites. Don't you think and ask yourself that what is the reason behind Azeez Makinde the chief executive officer of Naijaloaded success, how does Linda Ikeji start her blogging? Why does Nairaland keeps leading other online forum and host of other website ? Their success is as a result of definite niche they specialized on.

Sorry you are lost, right? I mean Linda Ikeji base her blogging on celebrity stunts, Nairaland is basically a forum discussion and the likes, so if you actually want to make money online through blogging, then you need a unique niche that is rare to venture into.


Do you know how to dye and tie so well and at the same time you can go thus far by putting your skill into writing? If yes, you could create an electronic book known as e-book to reach people how to dye their clothes.

Do you know any business idea that can make one hit a jackpot in a Nano seconds? Put it into writing and create an e-book before you know, you are in money.

I know the idea of how to create one will be bothering your precious mind by now, I would have love to pinpoint on how to create one, if time call for, I shall discuss this fully in my next write up. However, creating an e-book is another way you can really make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime.


You get that, right? Yes, I will love to talk about this again but it will be brief, why? You can earn up to ₦50,000 online from home in Nigeria here, writing to get paid is what the concept of freelance actually mean. You can be a freelance writer for a media houses by furnishing them new story or news event as it's happening in your environment and you will be getting your pay per story.

On the other hand, you can be an online freelancer for blogs owners whereby you will be writing those articles, I mean plagiarize free contents before you know it, you would have hit a jackpot.

However, though not exhausted the above explanations if not the best are one of the best ways you can trust to earn money online in Nigeria without capital.

Stay cool!

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