Effective Offline Marketing: Best 10 Campaign Ideas and Strategies

Top 10 Offline Marketing Ideas, Strategies and Examples For Startups, Restaurants, Small Business, Online Business -PDF

What is offline marketing? What are the types and advantages of offline marketing?
Many individuals and businesses today thinks that because the internet is being more and more embraced, marketing online is the only way to get superb results. Even though online and digital marketing can never be overemphasized, the fact remains that some of the best marketing ideas and tools for small businesses happen offline (especially for some markets).

Generally, either your real estate business is online based or offline based, the best you should do in your marketing service is to combine and utilize both effective online and easy offline marketing ideas and techniques quite well.

Offline Marketing Tips

And since many resources only keeps talking about online marketing ideas, we are going to give you ten effective offline marketing tips you should give attention to.

Below is a list of the top 10 best offline marketing strategies for 2016:


Another superb offline marketing strategy is giving away printed marketing materials- therefore you should make the most out of it. Flyers and pamphlets might seem ‘already known’, but you can go the extra mile and innovate beyond the known standard template.


Your business card is a very important tool as it can get your business to places you haven’t being yourself. And this is a good reason you need to invest in well made business cards.

Many business cards are already ‘common’, so you really need to set your brand apart by using a unique design. You can use colored cardboard instead of the usual white and change the orientation from landscape to portrait. Having a unique business card will reflect your brand values and creativity.


Many business owners don’t seem to realize yet that certain ‘little’ gestures are actually promoting brands. When you package your products differently from how others do, you are actually marketing your brand. Additional, you can give away certain freebies like stickers and calendars so people help you advertise for free.

       4. BILLBOARDS

When talking about effective offline marketing campaigns and billboards aren’t named, then the list is never complete. And since billboards are also already popular, it is advisable that you go for innovative designs to make your own billboards stand out. Since billboards aren’t cheap, you need to make sure you utilize it to the fullest and get the most out of it. Ensure you put a call to action there and make it visible (including your contact details too).


Actually, celebrating holidays with your clients is an offline marketing tactic. Send out cards with small gifts to your clients. Take advantage of special occasions to make your presence known. If you are on low budget, you can still do this offline online marketing. What is more important is you making your clients see that you really care.


You should occasionally offer discounts to a specific target market offline. You are boosting leads and sales while making clients feel privileged. When you advertise the incentive, you will get the attention of some prospective clients who have never heard of you before. This is one of the best offline affiliate marketing ideas.


Many small businesses can’t afford putting together an in house Pr team for their firm. Well, this is not actually necessary. The simple thing we need do is simply creating relationships with relevant media to get favorable coverage from the local journalists in our area. Your responsibility is to get your brand story worth. Yeah, make your network business newsworthy.

     8. NETWORK

Networking is an easy way to take your mlm business to the place of success. You should attend every relevant business activities in your area, and also check your listings for local business groups you can join and participate actively in. We should strive to create strategic partnerships with non-competing local businesses in our areas.


Another creative offline marketing strategy for online businesses to get more exposure for their business is by attending and participating in trade shows. Ensure your promotional materials are well suited to your objectives. With such, you will be able to get quality leads in a few short days.


As the expert you are in your chosen field, there are many opportunities where you can really help people and at the same time, you are helping yourself. You should work hard towards becoming a guest at a local radio or TV show and give consumers advice that is related to your brand and industry. You can go ahead holding a ‘free consultation’ day at your healthcare business and before you know it, your sales will keep going higher and higher using this top offline marketing channel.

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