Top 10 Conference Marketing Ideas


Successful conference marketing ideas will sure attract the targeted audience. When marketing a conference, you don't actually need to people to come but you entice people to attend. The fact remains that in today's busy world with numerous choices and options, simple invitations might not be enough to draw people to a conference.

Instead, you need to use different effective marketing ideas for conference venues to maximize attendance.
Best conference marketing ideas

And to create low cost marketing ideas for your conference, you can consider the needs of your desired audience.

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      1. A THEME

First and foremost, you should create a theme. The theme will tell potential attendees what is happening and also why it is important. These are the things which many successful pre-conference promotional ideas never undermine.

So, you should meet with your pre-conference planning committee and you should develop a primary objective for the conference's presentations. Don't forget to add a variety of educational topics that are even non-related. This is likened to giving attendees more seminars to attend.


To draw the attention of people to your conference, you need to ensure that you carefully choose the language and the style of your small conference marketing ideas and techniques. In fact, it is required that the language and style of the best conference marketing ideas and strategies are based on the theme of the conference. What defines the audience is the theme. So, when explaining the reason for the conference for the potential audience, make sure that you are clear.

      3. LOCATION

When considering if to attend a conference or not, the location plays a very vital role. Lots of potential conference attendees are really influenced by the location. With your unique conference marketing ideas and efforts, an attractive venue helps a lot.

      4. ATTENDEES

To have a successful conferences, you must keep this simple sentences at heart: give attendees a reason they should come, and then make it easy for them to get there. A good way of encouraging them to register quick is online registration and giving discounts to those that are early.


Exhibitors at trade shows surely want quality attendees. Therefore, there is need to promote the trade fair as invited guests step into the booth area. As a good strategic idea, it is recommendable that you put breakfasts, refreshment breaks, lunches, and dinners in the exhibit area. When you publish exhibitors on your website immediately they have paid, it will motive other companies to come too.

      6. SPONSORS

True, sponsors are always needed and necessary. To implement your conference advertising ideas, you will sure need to spend a lot on lots on things. That is one of the benefits of having sponsors. Sponsors will help reduce the costs and surely boost your revenues. There are various ways sponsors can give their brands publicity for unique marketing ideas for conferences. You give industry vendors the chance to put their name on the lanyards of attendee badges. Also, you can sell food and beverage rights (this will attract those in the industry to be part of the sponsors.


We all know that most conference themes actually need experts and professionals as speakers. So, for your conference, you need speaker(s) that will make people come. And to find a reputable speaker, simply reach out to professional organizations and networks, and contact him/her. Then, use the speaker's name and photo in all promotion materials and make him/her the face of the event. And of course, you should know already that popular and respected people attract bigger audiences.


The higher the number of people who heard about the conference, the higher the number of people that will attend the conference. Therefore, you need to work very hard towards distributing the information about the conference for as broad an audience as possible. And since the most effective channels used in implementing innovative conference marketing ideas are via websites and social medias, then you need that.


I might have just decided fusing this with the above point, but I think this should just stand on it own. Twitter is a very powerful place to spread your word about an upcoming event, and you should utilize it fully by using hashtags.


Conferences are a good means of making money, and you could begin having it yearly. When attendances really earn quality from your conference and you promise them a much better one soon, they will be looking forward to it. You ensure you have their contact details and occasional, be gearing them for the next event using another set of creative conference marketing ideas.

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