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Effective Marketing Strategies For A Dentist

Best Marketing Strategy For Dental Clinics, Laboratory, Offices, Pediatric Dentist - Sample Marketing Plan for Dental Practices, New Labs and Products

Great Dental Practice Internal Marketing Ideas that Work

Joseph, Are you a smoker?"
"What" I responded. "No, I've never smoked in my life....why do you ask?"

"Well, I noticed that your teeth are turning a little yellow, and I wasn't sure if you were a smoker or maybe you drink coffee?"
"No, I don't drink coffee either," I said. "My teeth look that yellow?"

Those were the first words my new dentist said to me about 15 minutes into our first appointment.
If you've read numerous books or articles, you're probably tired of the false promises that never seems to work out. You're probably tired of reading about tricks on how to market your services as a dentist--tricks that may have been appropriate to a particular situation, but not yours.

Well, this post will show you a free and inexperience way of getting clients queue up waiting to see you in your office. You will never lack client if you carefully and tactfully follow this method.

I will be teaching you this secret strategy using my story as an example. It was used by a dentist and I have seen this strategy work in my business. I used it personally and my sales skyrocketed ever since.

When I started my new business I was so into my business for the first three years that I didn't have time for my health or to at least check up on myself. So as business started booming, I have to put some things in order including my health mostly my teeth. Because I have been having toothache but just take drugs to cure it and not going to the dentist to find out about the reason for the tooth ache.

So as I began moving around on where to go see a dentist. I saw a post at the front of a dentist office, saying, "Free teeth cleaning". I said yes, today is my lucky day. Maybe God don't want me to spend cash.

But at first, I taught it was a marketing hook but if one finally enter they will then start giving you terms and conditions or tell you it was for children and not adult.

I took my bold step and went inside the office with a mindset that if they don't allow me have a free teeth cleaning, I will better go to a dentist who don't deceive people by putting up a sign of free teeth cleaning and pay that dentist than paying this one that says free teeth cleaning but make it complicated.

Sweet! I was already lying on a customize chair for patients.
Within minutes, the dentist commented on my yellow teeth.
"No, I don't drink coffee or smoke. Are they really yellow?

 "Yeah, they are. But don't worry. If you want, I can go out back and make some custom teeth-whitening trays for you. You will have to use them for a few weeks, but if you follow the system, your teeth will be white again."

Well, my response was, "Yes, please! I don't want yellow teeth."

The dentist kept working on my teeth and a little while, he said, "So, did you have braces when you were a kid?"
"Well, your two bottom teeth are shifting again, and that usually happens to people who hold braces."

"My teeth are shifting? What can you do about that?"
"Well, if you want, I can build a retainer for you, which will help keep your teeth in place."

"Yes, please!

When I walked into the dentist office that morning, I had come in for a free teeth cleaning. And in less than an hour, I walked out paying over $250 for my whitening kit and my retainers. This dentist had strategically taken me through a powerful process that I call "Catching the fish".

First, he had created a bait (free teeth cleaning) unknowing to anybody(fish) that would attract his dream client(me).

Second, he provided value by cleaning my teeth for free and noticing that my teeth had become yellow. Because I had received value, I naturally wanted to move forward and get additional value from him.

He then found another way that he could provide value to me-the retainers and again, I naturally took him up on that offer as well.

Now, for many dentists, they make the most money and provide the most value for their patients by offering cosmetic surgery. But what of if nobody at the moment needs cosmetic surgery?

How do you catch a fish? Am sure you would say by using a bait. So, what is your bait as a dentist in catching both big and small fish? You can't just be waiting for teeth surgery to survive.

Even if you're, some people might not know they might need to work on it now to avoid future pain. But what of a situation where you're not the first call when someone needs a cosmetic surgery?

I am very sure that my story has sent a message to you. If not, please read it again.

For you to increase your sales in your business, you need a strategy which I have explained. Through that strategy, you will get client at your reception hall waiting to see you.

Now, think of how many people that must have visited the dentist before me and after me. Imagine the dentist charging each client who truly have a tooth problem $200 and above.

If he could work on twenty people and ten out of twenty had teeth issues or want teeth whitening. How much do you charge for teeth whitening? Multiply it by ten.

Common get into action and explode your income to 5-6 figures within one month.

Who do you want to attract? Children, adult, old fellows etc.
Where can you find them? Street posting, magazine, TV, radio etc.
What is your bait? Free teeth whitening, free teeth consultation etc.?

What result are you going to give them?

I will be happy to get your thought in the comment box!


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