Top 10 Guerrilla Marketing Ideas That Work

10 Unique Guerilla Marketing Ideas For Small Business PDF PPT 2016

In case you don't know, guerrilla marketing is simply the achievement of conventional goals like profit, by using 'unconventional methods' such as investing energy and ideas instead of money.

Actually, not everyone can afford to hire a marketing consultant. Therefore, to succeed in terms of marketing, we all need those 'guerrilla weapons' to emerge victors at last.

In reality, many small businesses are actually facing budgeting setbacks and even low cash-flow (which is caused by different factors). Such things can lead (and are leading to) less advertising and promotional activities. And of course, as expected, less sales. That will also mean less revenue.

Guerrilla Marketing Examples

But hey, you shouldn't surrender to such tough times as this. Yeah, don't let them ride you negatively. Instead, pay attention to this useful tactics that requires more of creativity.

Now, let us majestically talk about these 10 Best Guerilla Marketing Ideas: 

1. Publicity And Treating Your Premises Like A Billboard:

What could be regard as the oldest guerrilla trick is old fashion PR. So, simply hold to it. Contact local journalists and give them great news contents (isn't that what they need most?)

Again, you can give a graffiti artist some free drawing space by letting him or her paint a mural on the side of your building. Sure, people will wait to stare.

2. Creative Business Cards:

Sure, in many industries, one thing that is a necessity is business cards. It serves the purposes of networking and extending ones reach and also bringing in potential customers. Sure, business cards provide an excellent opportunity for guerrilla marketing.

But people might not notice if you have a normal boring business card. Thus, do something different like giving your cards a different shape.

3. Flyers/Posters:

Since guerilla marketing has lots to do with creativity, we simply take a traditional form which people seem already used to, and turn them into something spectacular.  Though people might be used to this, you develop a best guerilla marketing ads that will stand out and be superb.

4. Freebies:

Sure, people love free things, and free things always get people's attention. Simply put your logo or website (or another of your brand material) on something fun (and free too). People will gladly take it home (meaning, people will gladly help spread your brand). Freebies are some of the best guerrilla marketing strategies that really work.

There are different things. Online, you can use the likes of free eBooks and courses (but should have value). And offline, you can think things like pens, t-shirts, and so on.

5. Stickers:

It is being said that launching a 'sticker campaign' is a true method of guerrilla marketing strategy. You can make up stickers and put them up everywhere. Such can be so straightforward (mentioning your website) or 'more classic'. You know, when people those your stickers that has mystery in them, they will of course be wondering and then want to try to find out what it is that is behind it. Thus, work on your message and be more classic with those guerilla marketing campaign ideas.

6. Sponsoring An Event:

In case you don't know, event sponsorship can be a nice way of getting your business name out there. Many wise brands had being utilizing it, do too. Simply talk to organizers and see what they are willing to do. Then, don't forget to bring in guerrilla marketing tactics for restaurant and other businesses by getting creative with how you participate.

7. Throw A Party:

Here is another good guerilla marketing example. Throw a nice responsible party in the name of your business. It is a simple concept that will make them like your business. You can also use it to share your freebies. Party is one of the guerrilla marketing techniques for small businesses and music band that has been proven to be effective.

8. Personalized Cards:

Sure, an effective guerrilla marketing idea is to send out personalized cards (or post cards) to your customers and clients. Need reasonable tip? You can simply keep track of your customer birthday, or even send thank you cards after purchases. Since people appreciate a personal touch, here is a great way of getting repeat customers.

9. Local Newspaper Advertising:

Guerrilla marketing is all about surprising customers. If you run an online business, using print media to promote might just be surprisingly effective. Remember that if you make people laugh or shock, they will remember you.

10. Hold Fun Contests:

This walks a similar path of giving free stuffs and throwing parties. Nevertheless, with this, instead of giving a ton of cheap giveaway items, you can have a handful of expensive items that you are giving away in a contest (or even raffle).  This is one of the best guerilla marketing ever.

My final advice to you is that, make people want what you have and things will get easier.

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