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Best Direct Response Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

Direct response marketing definition
As humans, we are to learn from the past, then closely the present, and then create the future. And as a digital marketer, many things we do never end. You know, you keep snapchatting; you keep sharing vines; you keep paying facebook; etc.

I want you to get this properly. If we check out the mention of these two phrases in printed books on Google's ngram viewer, we can see in the year 2000- the fall of interest in direct response and the rise of social media. Thus, we are going back in time.

If you are really in the business of marketing, you will be interested in knowing how you can drive revenue quickly, measurably, and also improved efficiency and close rates.

Let us go back to times (let us look from 1923). A man known to be the godfather of modern advertising (Claude Hopkins) wrote a book. And actually, his book was the first that will highlight the importance of testing and measuring in marketing. Records has it that way ahead of his time, he invented the test marketing approach of doing small ad campaigns under controlled test conditions with a limited budget, marking sure a campaign worked before scaling. And well, records has it that this pioneering approach earned Hopkins like $180,000 per year running campaigns for his clients in the 1920's.
Direct Response Marketing

Thus, let us go straight to the top 10 direct response marketing ideas:

1. Always Be Testing:

A professional believed that the only purpose of advertising was to sell something (it should however be measurable and also justify the results). The man we talked about, tested headlines, tested offers and supporting content by tracking key-coded coupons and then analyzed the data so he could continually improve results (and then maximize cost-effectiveness of his clients advertising spend).

So, you too should begin testing headlines, colors, buttons, form fields on your own landing pages with Unbounce and then implement winning variations to gain conversion on your direct response marketing offers .

2. Do Something To Get Immediate Action:

Strive to induce your readers and app users and prospects to take action (maybe by offering value upfront like an ebook that will solve a big problem of theirs. A professional actually favored the use of trackable coupon codes (you know, by placing a limit on offers with expiry dates). Thus, ensure you review your website and see how you are actually helping your potential customers to take action.

3. Ensure You Build Your Personal Brand:

Truthfully, a person that desires to make an impression must stand out in some way. Claude Hopkins, for instance, was a big believer in signing off an advertisement with a signature (of course, giving them personal authority). With that, the reader can actually connect the message saw with a 'real' human that really takes pride in their words and their accomplishments too.

Today, you can simply hook up Google authorship on your blog and make your search results more personal using rich snippets.

4. Elicit Positive Visualization:

Always picture what others wish to be, and not what they may be now. Most direct response marketing companies always use imagery of the desired condition not the problem you are trying to solve. A dentist wouldn't advertise bad teeth they can fix. Instead, they show the desired condition.

5. Strike A Chord:

As you are presenting an ad to millions, there is a percentage you hope to interest. Simply go after that percentage and try striking a chord that responds.

You should run a content audit report on your website, looking at your conversion rates based on the content you are publishing. Find out what content led to a conversion use these insights to produce more content that help achieve your direct response marketing goals.

6. Use Attention, Interest, Action (AIA):

Are you looking for one of the best direct response marketing strategies? Capture the prospect's attention, then maintain the prospect's interest. Then move the prospect to favorable action.

7. The Appeal Is The Most Important Thing:

Actually, there is no element in an advertisement more important than the appeal. Appeal is one good tool used to balance emotional direct response marketing techniques.

8. Begin With A Story:

Looking for the secret of most direct response marketing services? Check the Reader's Digest. Though not a fiction magazine, over half of it articles begin with a story. Learning?

9. Set Up Content Experiments:

This is one of the best direct response marketing solutions. Setup Google Content Experiments and run experiments on up to five full versions of a single page (each delivered to visitors from a separate URL) Analze which page performs best and make the winning your default one (don't forget to test again). Create direct response marketing examples and test over and over again.

10. Don't Be Boring:

The fact remains that you hardly bore people into buying what you offer. Come on, be exciting! The future is exciting!

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