Buzz Marketing: 10 Best Buzz Marketing Ideas and Strategies That Work

10 Creative Buzz Marketing Ideas, Techniques and Examples PDF PPT

Buzz marketing introduction
Buzz is synonymous with excitement. Thus, our buzz marketing ideas are such exciting marketing strategies that bring superb results even with small budgets. Yeah, you heard that right, little budgets! Hey, that's what made the buzz! As you are trying to market your company online without spending much, this will be helpful to create a buzz without needing huge resources.

This is what made this article different: Low Cost Buzz Creating. Other companies have actually been able to succeed without spending much money on marketing. They created a buzz without needing to spend a fortune- you too can.

Now, let us get down to business as we talk about 10 buzz marketing ideas that wouldn't demand you to spend a fortune.

How to Create Business Buzz: Top 10 Buzz Creation Ideas

Create Buzz For Business

1. Start A Blog: 

The world is going online. Irrespective of the kind of business you run, an easy way to create a buzz for your business is by owning a blog. Some businesses achieved (and are still achieving) successes with that. They are successfully turning their readers into leads and customers. You can do that too. Simply have good contents.

2. Leverage Message Boards:

A successful online entrepreneur known as Sykes utilized this. Yeah, he made his website popular with this. With message boards, he was able to drive over 5,000 visitors to his site each month. And well, this leads him to create an online business that's known to be generating over $150,000 a month in revenue.

Actually, message boards may sound boring and dull (perhaps because they've being around for years) but nevertheless, they are still effective and can be used to create a buzz. If you can be leaving useful messages on popular boards like Yahoo Message Boards, sure you can drive lots of traffic to your website. And there are many message boards on the internet and there is one for almost every topic.

3. Comment On Blogs:

We might simply decide leaving this out because it is similar with the first idea, but you will soon know why we didn't. Just keep reading.

Now, do you know that Pete Cashmore of Mashable made the blog popular by commenting on competing blogs like TechCrunch and newly launched? It was reported that he literally left hundreds of comments, and now, his site is one of the most popular on the internet.

A good way you can create a buzz for your business is when you insightful comments on blogs that are related to your niche. When people see you are good, they come to you. This is a popular example of online buzz marketing ideas.

4. Optimize Your Site For Search Engines:

What is presently the most popular website on the internet? Google, right? So, why not leverage it? Your business could go viral and you can have lots of visitors from Google alone. So, take Search Engine Optimization seriously.

5. Utilizing Google Local:

Still on Google issue. Search is becoming more and more personalized and has been used as a basis for buzz marketing examples in India and other parts of the world. And the Google Local feature is a nice buzz marketing idea. When one performs a search on Google, you notice the results are becoming tailored to your location. So, it is a nice idea to claim at least the location of your office or wherever you operate your business from.

6. Guest Authoring:

A sure easy way to get your business out there is to write guest blog posts on other blogs and sites. Actually, guest authoring (especially on large sites) is not only a buzz marketing idea, but it's a cheap way to advertise (or maybe I should said free publicity).

There are lots of sites on the internet, and they all want the same thing: More Content. When you write guest posts on other sites, you are not only getting more free traffic and publicity, it also helps your SEO efforts.

7. Leverage Social Networks:

We are talking about new buzz marketing ideas and won't talk about social networks? This is self explanatory. Leverage Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus followers, and the rest!

8. Start An Affiliate Program:

You know one good reason this will work? People want to make money! A good way to fold your arms while people are working from different locations to bring attention to your business is through affiliate programs. Simply utilize this buzz marketing idea!

9. Give Freebies:

Looking for a buzz marketing sample that works? Well, people just love free things (including you right?). Offer to give quality free stuffs and see people giving your business numerous attentions.

10. Ask For Referrals:

Referrals bring free publicity which are some of the best buzz marketing techniques. I remembered when I paid for a service and the seller surprised me with Excellency, I was so impressed that I’m inspired to tell others about the seller (I actually did). Meaning, if you offer something fantastic, your customers and clients will tell others about you (also encourage them to do this).

Now, here are low cost marketing ideas you can use to create a buzz. Now, you go create a buzz

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