Top 10 Boutique Investment Banks In The World

List of Top Best Boutique Investment Banks

A boutique investment bank is small investment bank that specialize in some certain types of sectors or companies. They usually deal on smaller investments or smaller niche, which most of the time are usually below 1 billion dollars. These top tier boutique investment banks are mostly involved in sell-deals (I.e they often help in selling companies as opposed to purchasing a company).

When it comes to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and reorganizations, boutique investment banks come into full play – that is their primary activity. This is simply due to their small size, which makes capital raising engagements effectively done on a best-effort basis.


These banks generally work on smaller deals involving middle-market companies, most especially investments that are less than a billion dollars in revenues. They are mostly specialized in mergers and acquisition of certain industries such as:

Boutique Investment Banks

1. Health care: Pharmaceutical companies, medical apparatus companies
2. Media: Print, electronics, blogs and websites
3. Tech: 
4. Manufacturing and so on. 

Typically, elite boutique investment banks are limited in their mode of operations as to the number of offices they may have and are most often specialized in a particular geographical region. Hence the moniker “Regional Investment Bank”.

In recent times, organizations have been so ardent in their relationships with new Boutique Investment banks due to the major facts that they are mostly independent in their dealings, they have less conflicts to contend with and coupled with the fact they are relatively small in size.
The working environment at a top Boutique Investment Bank is very much different from that at larger banks. Although the majority of these boutique investment banks are founded by former partners at these larger banks.

During the great recession of the 2000s, there was an exodus of senior partners at the big banks to join the boutique banks, which was kind of synonymous to the merger that was characteristic of the Wall Street in the 70’s and 80’s.

There are many best paying boutique investment banks spread across both the United States and as well internationally. Though they are relatively unknown in the general banking industry, but they are simply a force to reckon within their niche.

List of Boutique Investment Banks In India, Singapore, Chicago, Boston, NYC, Hong Kong, San Francisco, London, Toronto, Delhi, UK, Los Angeles

Akur Partners:
Alvarez & Marsal:
Aperios Partners:
Arma Partners:
Barber Wadlow:
Boenning & Scattergold Group:
Brewin Dolphin:
Brown Brothers Harriman:
Cain Brothers:
Cairn Financial Advisers:
Europa Partners:

Acadia Capital Advisors
Adams & Royer Inc
Adephia Capital, LLC
Advanced Funding Solutions, LLC
Aegis Capital Corporation
AmerAsia Capital Partners, LLC
Barman Capital LLC
Barnett & Partners, LLC
Baron Advisors, LLC
Baytree Capital Associates, LLC
Belstone Capital Associates

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