10 Creative Promotional Ideas For Events in Business

Best Creative Publicity Ideas for College Events, School Club Events, Event Planners, Salons, Sport Events, Retail Stores etc

Do you know the 10 best event marketing tips ever? There are lots of cool promotional ideas for events all around you though you may not be conscious of them. When it comes to getting maximum publicity for that event, most of the traditional marketing rules you hold as routine are no longer as effective as before.

Event Marketing and Promotional Ideas

Print media and LED billboard promotion still work but they are not as effective as they used to.

Are you in the process of planning for another event in your company or business? I have compiled some of the best creative event marketing ideas to promote and publicize that occasion without having to break into a bank.

1 ==> PLAN

Planning is one of the greatest event promotional tip you don't want to miss. You don't necessarily need to have a year to plan the event. A few month organization can also be effective, provided that such event does not require a huge number of logistics. This time interval is also needed to map out your editorial and promotional campaign methods, ensuring that adequate time is devoted to planning and execution.


Are you looking for promotional ideas for sporting events? Do you want friends and colleagues to be a part of your event? A onus lies on you to prove that it is not going to be dry. Provide testimonies from attendees in the past as well as videos of past editions to show that your event is not one that any of your invitees should miss out from.


It is not every time that content rules as king. Content promotion is arguably reputed the King of internet marketing. Set up a blog discussing details of your event and drive traffic to it to create awareness for attendance and registration. Most event marketing experts believe that creating a blog that focuses on the reason, objectives, educational and entertainment benefits can help generated the needed publicity for such event.


Event promotion can be achieved through concise marketing approaches exploited from guest speaking opportunities. From life presentation to social media posting, you can spark up interest, generate awareness and initiate dialogue geared at marketing your event. Guest speaking is one creative marketing idea for college events that works.


Is your event taking place at a popular spot, city or country? Mention the city where the event would be holding can drive up invitees interest in attending such event. For instance, if I have always loved to visit Paris and I get to be invited to an event taking place there, I may cash in on that opportunity especially if you are able to boost my interest by packaging what can be done in and around such location.


There is great influence in the use of community marketing for promoting an event. You should put your sponsors in the limelight and find time to mention their individual contributions. Apart from initiating reciprocal mentions and links that will increase exposure to your event, you hold a higher chance to retain such sponsors for subsequent events in the future.


Interaction is key to the success of a social media campaign. It is not only about sharing posts and tweets to followers of your social media profiles. You should find time to engage them in discussions that are interesting which they may find easy to share with others. There are many promotional gift ideas for events that can be shared on social media.


Giant social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook provide affordable marketing solutions through PPC Ads that can be targeted at specific audience. You don't have to spend what you don't have as you will be billed only when your audience take action like clicking on a link, sharing or liking a post etc. This is one of the best ideas for health promotion events.


Most event marketing campaigns fail because there is no call to action on the landing page. Your event promotional products should make a statement just as your landing page. This will ensure that attendees are well briefed on the reasons, the program and benefit of such an event and what steps to take.


At the end of every event, it is necessary that you hold a review (from planning to execution) to discuss the challenges, failures and successes of the just concluded event. This is important so as to identify the challenges unsolved and areas requiring additional input for the success execution of subsequent programmes.

These are some of the best creative ideas for events planning. As an event planners, understand that promoting an event is a major stake in successful execution. In my subsequent posts, I will be revealing certain ideas for event planning checklist that you can use to develop a comprehensive event promotion checklist template.

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