10 Church Marketing Ideas Every Church Needs

10 Best Church Advertising Ideas: Creative Church Marketing Strategies That Work

Many churches want to make their advertising work harder and to bring more people to their churches. First of all, as Christians, we need to know that God's church is not merely the buildings, but His people. And, the Bible referred to God's children as the Body of Christ, hence Sacred.

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How to market your church for growth: Great New Church marketing ideas
What we are trying to point to is geared especially to Pastors and Church leaders: The Children of God (including people that attend our churches) are Sacred and of great importance to God. Since God doesn't joke with His flock, we need to know that we should be very careful regarding the way we approach Church Members. And, in regards to Church growth, most importantly, it is the Holy Spirit that grows His Church.

Yes, the Church belongs to God- not to pastors and church leaders. God Himself knows how to grow His church. So pastors and church leaders shouldn't see this as a do or die affair.

Now, since God has given us humans wisdom, there are some roles we too can play in marketing our ministry online. And that is what we want to see in this article. We should know certain secrets that we get use to get better results for our churches from our next ad.

10 Best Church Planting And Growth Marketing Ideas

1. Getting Saved For Selfish Reasons:

Many people seem to want to give attention to the things of God simply because of they have a need or some want (or some problems and challenges) and they need solutions to their issues. Yeah, people already acknowledged that God has the power to grant them what they want. After all, He is our Father, and in His Word the Bible, He asked us to ask for whatever we want and He as a loving caring Father, will grant us all what we want.

Thus, let people reading your ads know this, and you will see many responding to the message.

2. Readers Factor:

Ensure you determine who you are trying to reach before you write a word of advertising copy. Many outreachers didn't understand and couldn't relate to the outreachee. This might be an issue when advertising a church event.

You need to be able to understand and communicate on the level of the people who are going to be reading your ads. That is actually vital to your success. Such important things you might take into consideration while writing the ad include age, education, family status, and others.

3. Strong Headline:

You need keep this in mind: Your Ad Must Have a Strong Headline That Captures the Interest of Your Target Audience. You should place an ad that has headline that has such potentials to stop reader and make them say 'This is for me.'

4. Tell More:

It is being said that the more you tell, the more you will sell. You need to use more words. You know if you meet someone physically, you will need to convince the person with many words to visit your church. Same thing should apply here.

5. Graphics And Artwork:

You shouldn't undermine the importance of graphics and artwork as part of church advertising flyers ideas. Have a nice pretty logo and photo on all church promotional products. They can really help in painting a picture in the reader's mind about what it is that you are trying to convey.

6. Employ Direct Response Strategy:

Direct response, in case you don't know, is the advertising discipline which focuses on getting people to take swift and immediate action. So, you might use the type of words direct response advertisers use.

Note that the words you choose are vital to the success of the ad. Therefore, you need to discover how to use special words that will stir up readers' interest.

7. Life Testimonials:

To lend credibility, you can simply use real life testimonials from people in your church in your ad. You can help draw those that doesn't attend church in, and alleviate skepticism by using testimonial from people in your church. This is one of the most effective church marketing strategies for retaining and attracting members.

8. Invite Them:

As you get their attention and interest, deliberately invite them to come and take advantage of all that you have there for them. Use a pastor invitation to call them to action.

9. Website In Conjunction With Direct Mail:

You should consider using your website in conjunction with your direct mail. The internet actually has tremendous potential for evangelism. Then, when you use it in conjunction with your advertising message, you can draw readers to your site and give them more compelling information and reasons to come and visit your church.

10. Your Reach:

It is being said that the more your ad costs to produce and mail, the fewer people you can reach. Ensure you reach lots of people without needing to sacrifice quality. The more you reach, the more that will be moved to come. That is so important.

Remember, you can only play your own part by creating the best church marketing campaigns; it is God that owns His church and grows His church. So, pray to God for miracles. Click here if you need help putting a church marketing strategy plan template together.

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