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Yahoo Answers Marketing

yahoo answers for marketing

What is Yahoo Answers - in their own words:

"It’s an online community where anyone can ask and answer questions on any topic. Yahoo! Answers connects people to the information they’re seeking with those who know it. Everyone has life experience and knowledge about something, and Yahoo! Answers provides a way for people to share their experience and insight."

Here is a link to the Yahoo Answers Overview.

Why use Yahoo Answers for Marketing

quality backlinks - high PR
organic traffic from people who use Yahoo Answers - 21 million in the USA and 90 million worldwide use it
establishes your credibility within your niche
The rewards can be substantial, but it can be very time consuming. I discuss software to vastly improve your Yahoo Answers Marketing effectiveness below.

How to use Yahoo Answers to Market Your Business

Firstly, remember the constant theme of this site - sites that provide quality content rank highly. That means that they are a magnet for spammers (people posting worthless content in the hope of click-throughs). As a result, quality sites seek to protect themselves. You are at risk of being banned (and all your hard-earned links deleted) if you break the rules. So you may find yourself penalised if you:

post links to sites that have no worthwhile content (and affiliate links will have a detrimental effect)
ask and then answer your own questions
create multiple accounts
Yahoo Answers Marketing Principles

post answers that have no links occasionally
post answers with links to your high content blog or lens or articles or another website, which then links to your revenue-generation site
be a helpful member of the internet community - share your knowledge; the traffic will come! There are many people who will testify to achieving high traffic from Yahoo Answers.
use the search functions within Yahoo Answers to find questions that you can answer - on a regular basis
Yahoo Answers Marketing Software

We can automate some of the tasks involved in Yahoo Answers Marketing. But, as always, keep in mind that automation can have risks. Check out the Avoid Getting Banned page for some of the steps that you can take to avoid unpleasant loss of income.

WarningYahoo has tightened up on accounts considerably. You need to keep in mind that if you open a number of accounts and one gets banned, it will affect all the activities that you have undertaken with that account. And, if I were Yahoo, my next step would be to look for any other accounts connecting to the same websites - all I need to do is run a query against the database.

If you are looking to make quick money and then move on to the next niche, then, providing you take some of the precautions mentioned in the Avoid Getting Banned page, you needn't worry too much. I would play it a little more carefully in markets that I intend to work in for awhile. The software below has what are commonly called "white hat" and "black hat" versions. White is unlikely to get you banned. For black hat, getting banned is almost inevitable.

AnswerEye Yahoo Answers Marketing

answereye yahoo answers marketing softwareThe software allows you to manage a number of Yahoo accounts, each with different signatures. It makes searching Yahoo Ansswers for questions very easy and searches can be saved as "Eyes". Eyes can be used to keep track of new questions and to automate answering. Questions waiting to be answered are flagged and a history of your answers is maintained.

As we move into the realm of the black hats, the software will allow you to create many accounts and, through the use of proxy servers, help you to avoid getting slapped by Yahoo. You can set up a number of typical answers for the "Eyes" that you have created and the software will automatically use random accounts to answer the questions. You can even post and answer your own questions (using different accounts) - and select your answer as the best!

Here is a link to the sales page for AnswerEye Yahoo Answers Marketing. I suspect that the developer is using English as a second language, but don't let that put you off, programming would appear to be his first! It is an fantastic program for both white and black hat marketing. I also know that the support is very good (the developer posts on many forums and the feedback is always excellent).

You should note that Yahoo Answers is "nofollow" - that means that in theory your links will not count because the search engine spiders do not follow them. There is some debate as to whether spiders actually heed "nofollow" but there is another way that your links can get indexed. Yahoo answers is a prime source of content for many people using automated methods to generate content (I mention a tools to do this on my best WordPress plugins page). When your content is 'scraped', so your is your link - and often to "dofollow" sites.

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