Video Marketing

Video Marketing should be a core component of your overall approach. Here's why:

search engines love videos - video sites are incredibly popular and so search engines reckon that searchers would probably like videos in the search results
Google owns YouTube - your video on YouTube is likely to get indexed quickly and you can provide links to your other sites
videos go viral - people pass on interesting videos
you can create / become part of a community at video sites such as YouTube - people can subscribe or become fans of your videos - every time you upload a new video they will be informed - free automated marketing!!
they provide a richer experience, allowing you to make your point with greater impact
videos inspire TRUST (assuming that you are on-screen or talking for at least part of the time)
you can include hosted videos in your own webpages without incurring massive bandwidth costs
In the next section I'm going to talk about how to market your videos. If you are now saying to yourself - "Good, but how on earth do I actually produce a video in the first place", then you may want to have a quick look at my page on how to create videos for YouTube - you will be amazed at how easy it is. Even without any kind of video equipment or webcam.

Small Business Video Marketing Tips

If you have read some of the other pages on this site, you will know that my goal is always to achieve the maximum that I can with the minimum of effort. I get bored easily and repetitive tasks frustrate me. So I am always looking for tools that can automate the mundane, but often necessary, tasks involved in internet marketing. And in truth, there is no alternative - because if you and I don't automate, we won't stand a chance against the more savvy and efficient marketers.

So, further down the page I will talk about a few of the tools that you can use to give yourself the edge in marketing. First though, let me provide a few video marketing tips. I am going to focus on YouTube since it is the biggest. Many of the same principles will apply at the other sites:

be friends - find videos that are related to your target market and add the creators of the videos as your friend. You may then use the Share feature to share your videos with your friends
submit your videos RSS feeds
comment on other peoples' videos
encourage people to subscribe and vote for your videos
join groups
promote your videos through blogs, articles, websites, facebook, myspace etc and don't forget to bookmark them on the social bookmarking sites like Digg
tag your videos using your keywords - you can do this when you upload your video
make your videos "remarkable" in the Seth Godin sense - ie worth making a remark about. You want your video to go viral and your traffic to skyrocket
Video Marketing Tools

First up a tool for automating submission to lots of video sites: Tubemogul. Not only will Tubemogul submit for you, it will also allow you to track your videos. And it's free!!

To use Tubemogul, you will need to create accounts at each of the video sites. Here is the current list of supported Tubemogul sites.

There are many software tools that will make outrageous claims about YouTube video marketing. The problem is most of these tools will eventually lead you to being banned. Since Google took over YouTube, anti-spamming measures and penalties have increased dramatically. Many tools will fail after a couple of weeks as YouTube changes login procedures or finds new ways to identify automated actions. Careful with YouTube software tools!Here is a screenshot from the TubeBooster website. Once a very effective piece of software (it automatically viewed your video hundreds of times, increasing its profile and leading to greater organic traffic), it now cannot cope with the YouTube's new antispam technololgy.

Ask yourself - what would make my video look suspicious? A sudden burst of viewings within a short space of time, possibly from the same IP address (or one recognised as being used by automated software) will alert YouTube. And once that happens you will be on the radar and may even be penalised when the traffic is legitimate.

Video Marketing with TubeToolbox

For this reason, one of the tools that I am recommending is Tube Toolbox - it is very careful to avoid spamming. Here is a description from the website:

"Tube Toolbox is a "YouTube Bot" and works by automating Friend Requests, Messages, Comments and Sharing Videos. Set up a few parameters, click 'Start' and walk away. Tube Toolbox handles the rest!"

Tube Toolbox is subscription-based. Which means that it is in their interests to keep you happy (and they offer a complete 100% refund if you aren't).

video marketing with tubetoolbox

Here is an introductory video:

Video Marketing with TubeBlasterPro

tubeblasterproTubeBlasterPro operates in a similar way to Tube Toolbox, automating the process of gathering friends, sending messages, commenting and subscribing. You can download a free trial and should you decide to buy, your one-off purchase fee gets you upgrades for life. There is also a multi-account version allowing you to work under sevaral different account names - valuable if you are working across several market sectors and want to retain separate identities.

And don't forget to look at how to create videos for YouTube and other video sites - some amazing software that could save you hours and hours of work.

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