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One of the secrets of effective online marketing is re-purposing of content (using the same stuff over and over again for the cynical amongst you). Of course, we hide the fact that we are doing this by spinning our content and customizing it for different audiences.

One of the advantages of PR is that releases tend to be indexed quickly by search engines.

PRWebSubmitting press releases is very easy. You can go for the premium full services such as PR Newswire or PRWeb. The advantage of the premium services is that they are used by serious journalists on high quality publications. If your story gets picked up and published, it could drive substantial traffic to your website. Many internet marketers use them occasionally for major launches, with PR Web gaining particular praise.

Or you can use free / low-cost services such as:

PR distributioniNewswire
Free Press Release
EcommWire - for ecommerce related news

Automating Submission

There are a number of programmes that offer PR submission. I would recommend, since there are not so many PR services that are worth targeting, simply using Roboform. Once you have created your logins at the sites it will take very little time to submit the press releases.

I will cover this and provide additional PR submission sites on the IFM Internet Marketing Program.

How to write and format your Press Release

It is essential that you include your URL at least twice and preferably four times. Include it in the header, contact information and once or twice in the body. You should use the full link - eg:, as this is more likely to be convereted into a clickable URL. Check with the PR service to be sure.

When you write press releases you need to think of the reverse pyramid. All of your important facts go up top. The reason is if this article gets picked up by someone for reprint and they only have so much space to publish it, then the things at the bottom get chopped. So your opening paragraph is the most important thing.

PR Newswire have a very useful guide to PR releases for small businesses.

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