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Twitter Marketing

How many times have you heard, follow us on Twitter recently. If you are new to Twitter, the easiest way to get an understanding of it is through these two videos. First up, a very basic overview of what Twitter is. Only 2.25 minutes.

Next, a video that shows you how to get started and use Twitter - the video is featured on Twitter's own site.

So now you know that Twitter is a way to communicate short messages to people who are your followers. You can communicate directly or by broadcast. Your messages can be sent directly from your blog.

Now you can see why internet marketers are rubbing their hands with glee.


Before you do anything else, you should go along to twitterfeed and add your blog's feed URL - this will ensure that your posts are automatically passed onto your Twitter followers.

That done, the next step is to get some followers and you can do it the slow and hard way or the quick and easy way.

Automatic Twitter Marketing

Now strictly these automation tools are not allowed by Twitter. So be aware that your account could be suspended. However, providing you follow certain guidelines - and use software that keeps you on the right side of line - you can vastly improve your internet marketing effectiveness.

With any automation, the key is always to start slowly and don't bit the hand that feeds. Use the tool as extra helpers, allowing you to do more but without spamming.

Twitter Friend Adder

I am recommending this software on the basis of positive feedback from several very savvy (and value-conscious) internet marketers - and my own use.

Twitter Friend Adder will allow you to add followers for multiple twitter accounts on autopilot - hundreds, even thousands, in days! Here are the key features:

use multiple twitter accounts - create from within the program or import a list from a text file
Multiple Accounts

manage accounts - check statistics (number of followers etc) and removed
find friends in a variety of ways
Find Friends

complete control over adding friends
Add Friends Control

add / remove friends on individual accounts or rotate through your accounts
add remove

ensure that removed friends are not re-added (an incredibly important feature to prevent your account being suspended)
ability to use proxies
You have total control over how aggressively Twitter Friend Adder works. If you want to play safe you can do so. If you don't mind having a few accounts suspended, you can increase the rate at which you add followers. Here are some guidelines from the developer (to avoid being suspended):

Add 100 friends with 30 seconds interval. This will take 50 minutes.

Remove all friends who are not following you, also with 30 seconds interval. This will take about another 50 minutes.

Repeat 1) and 2). One repeat takes 100 minutes to add and remove 100 friends, so for one day 24*60 = 1440 minutes, you can add and remove about 1440 friends, this number doen't out of the daily limitation and keeps your account's following number low.

In addition, as you can see on some of the screenshots above, the software will prompt you with recommended settings.

This product is constantly being improved with new features added weekly (free updates!). One of my key criteria when buying software is to see that there is still active development going on (Twitter is still evolving and the last thing you want is have piece of software that stops working in a couple of months) and that is certainly the case here. There is an active support forum, where even the most basic questions are answered quickly. Plus there is a comprehensive help file and full set of training videos covering every aspect of the program.

With a 30-day money back guarantee, and the opportunity to use it on a trial basis 3 times, you have nothing to lose in giving Twitter Friend Adder a try.


There are a number of 'bots' that do a similar job to Twitter Friend Adder. Some of them have much slicker websites, but you will pay extra for the glossy finish.

HummingbirdThe most famous is Hummingbird. It costs around 4x the price of Twitter Friend Adder but does have its supporters. It has been around for awhile and has good support and lots of marketing advice.

You will see if you click through to their website that even at this price, they are still selling on the basis of cost against monthly subscription services!

Another option that you may wish to consider is buying a bundle of friend adding software that covers Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and Bebo. My reservations are that it is very hard to find out much about the software or the company behind it. Despite the bundle, there appear to be different unrelated sites for each program. I also don't see too much on-going development or any support forums. And yet, there are positive comments in some forums from existing users

You can download the trials for the software. If you are on a budget you can give them a try and if they work for you, great! If not, just uninstall the trial.

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