Top 10 Online Marketing Courses

Definitely, our generation is a blessed one. And one of the blessings bestowed on us is technology. Yes, with just some clicks of a mouse (or a smartphone), we keep learning new things which many who had lived before us couldn't know. Yes, in our age, it is very easy to obtain knowledge, making education and intellectual stimulation attainable - irrespective of where you are in the world.

Now, still in the line of celebrating technology, one thing we can't fail to mention is the fact that technology brought business to the internet. What do i mean by that? I mean, conducting businesses online is now possible and realistic (real cash can now be made via the internet). And, wait, have i said online marketing is now persuadable as a career? Yes, it is!

One just need to learn the skill of persuading people to buy products or services on the internet, and in return, make huge money. Thus, here are 10 superb online marketing courses which one can use to have a good knowledge about online marketing.

1.Google Online Marketing Challenge:

Oh, what do you expect to top the list apart from big bro Google? Which better online source to learn online marketing apart from big google?

The Google Digital Marketing Course is equipped with video tutorials on everything you need to know. Ranging from AdWords to social networks. From mobile strategy to video networks. And lots more!!

2. Internet Marketing For Smart People Email Course: 

Who doesn't know the popular CopyBlogger? Few people right? When we talk about anything internet, CopyBlogger had made itself an authority brand.

They have a 20-installment email marketing course that will give understanding of content marketing, copywriting, SEO, keyword research, etc. One thing worthy of note here is that, you get it via email!!

3. Coursera:

We all know that coursera is one of the most popular sites for online education (and organized too). This site has many things they offer (wide range of subjects) including free online courses. The good part is, even when you check and you didn't see what you like, check back later because new classes are always being added!

4. Social Media Quickstarter:

Social Media Quickstarter is a collection of online marketing guides from Constant Contact. This will help in mastering social media marketing in just a little time frame. Social media novices can browse this knowledge hub at their own leisure.

5. HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Training Program and Certification: 

Offered by HubSpot, this course is an eighteen free marketing classes with reading materials. It is aimed to help one master inbound marketing, learn about blogging and SEO, email marketing, social media, etc.

6. Canvas:

Canvas is a MOOC resource site that offers free online courses on different topics. They have courses that are useful for online marketers, like The Certificate Course in Writing For a Global Market, Projecting Your Brand Through Media, Copyright Clarity, etc.

7. Alison:

Alison is a very popular brand as far e-learning is concerned. The site offers a large number of free online business courses.

The Alison Diploma in E-Business gives insights in building a successful online marketing strategy and promoting one's business online. Also, The Alison Social Media Marketing Diploma is a rundown of social media marketing with a look into affiliate marketing, blogging, etc.

8. Social Media Online Marketing Courses:

This is one of the numerous free courses on Udemy by Three Sixty Academy. The name strike a bell? Well, Udemy is a popular e-learning brand. The course renders free social media marketing for facebook, twitter, youtube, instagram, linkedin, and even google+.

9. Internet Marketing Classroom:

This course is also being taken on Udemy, but it costs $127. It has 229 lectures and 45+ hours of material. It deals with everything from WordPress setup to squeeze pages.

10. PPC University:

The PPC University is an awesome one-stop place for learning about PPC. It is designed, putting into consideration both beginners and advanced users. The PPC 101 is available as a free marketing course download.

So, here we go. Get yourself busy!

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