Top 10 Marketing Automation Ideas For A Successful Campaign

Marketing Automation Content Ideas: 10 Great Ideas For Marketing Campaigns And Promotion

Marketing Automation Definition
One great benefit associated with professional automated software is that you don't bombard your audience with messages when they are not really wanting them. You only need to be subtle. You know, we need aim at creating campaign messages that are less intrusive and go a long way to personalizing the experience for those on the receiving end.

They are at times referred to as drip marketing campaigns. These are actually pre-written, automated emails that are sent over timed intervals in a series (triggered by a certain customer behavior). And even though drip marketing campaigns can be used in almost all industries (for engaging and nurturing and building loyalty), these types of automated campaigns are much common for salespeople who use them for lead nurturing.

The strategy is quite plain. By continuously interacting via a touch point, our recipient will move towards what the eventual end goal is (a sale, a sign up, an engagement on a social media page, etc).

A sweet part in this is that once you have created these campaigns, they basically run themselves (thereby giving you time to do other things of your business).

Here are 10 great marketing automation examples and tools for everyone:

1. Educational Tool:

You simply offer a seminar or a workshop that delivers like one lesson each week (and it's directly related to your own brand). The fact remains that you can build brand loyalty when you create and deliver content which your customers can use outside of purchasing your product. Simply keep the campaign and marketing automation tools full of valuable content (like a series of tips, videos, whitepapers, etc) and they will never leave you.

2. Thanking Donors:

You simply set up an automatic email 'Thank You' that's triggered when a patron makes a donation to your cause. One may not be around to send this email manually, so it's a good marketing automation content ideas to have one to ready to engage and thank the donor straight away.

3. Renewal Reminders:

You can automate contract and subscription renewal processes with messages that are timed to be sent as the contract period is coming to a close. These can even be used to add in a little subtle marketing (to display upgrades and or new additions)

4. Daily Tips:

People sure love tips. You can off 365 daily reminders of whatever your expertise is, and make them useful to your subscribers. Don't do it 'anyhow'. Ensure you are providing things which people will look forward to each and every day. Be creative and entertaining.

5. Support For Your Support Team:

Got a customer care team in place to help customers and clients? In case you don't know, you are supporting your support team by creating a series of timed emails. You can take a look at your FAQ list and simply turn it into a sequence of emails that help answer the most common questions with your product. You see, it is always being busy!

6. How To Use A Product:

You simply create an email orientation experience via offering a series of messages which are timed that show a new user how to get the most out of your product. You can just start out with the basics and then expand into more detailed and advanced features. Once you have someone hooked and checking often, they will be open to checking out just anything new.

7. Training And Fitness:

You can create an online training course to get the subscribers into physical and mental shape. This is quite important to those in the health club world (even though it's also of importance for health care professionals, or just anyone looking to provide value to their readers)

8. Event Preparation:

You can trigger either one or several instructional emails providing those coming to your next event with certain great information (such as how to register, how to ask questions, etc). You can even send emails that include surveys on their satisfaction of the venue.

9. Transactional Emails:

A transactional email is the message that is automatically sent after a purchase is successfully made. It might seem to be of no value than proof of purchase, but it is one of the best email marketing automation ideas. Since the buyer is happy with your product, simply set up automated emails that keep in touch with the same person over a period of time. You can then be displaying other products to them.

10. Coupons And Promotions:

Simply create a series of coupon offers for your new signups to introduce them to additional products (or features) and drive sales. Ensure you aren't sending too much so you wouldn't annoy your audience.

When it comes to marketing automation, we need know that it's all about being subtle by sending a series of emails that a person's action controls. Be creative and calculative, and get the best results for your campaigns.

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