The World Of E-Cig and Marketing Collide

The Electronic Cigarette is the newest and most popular way to quit smoking! Because it delivers a vapor instead of smoke, it can be used almost everywhere. This is important to many people because of the laws passed in recent years banning indoor smoking, even in bars. Most of the E-cigs look like an actual cigarette and they simulate the same thing as smoking. The big difference is that the nicotine vapor is all that it entails, there are no harmful additives included. E-cigs are available in a disposable form or as a reusable device that just needs new nicotine cartridges and can be recharged.

The Electronic cigarette can be used to help someone stop smoking because it contains just nicotine in a vapor and not tobacco smoke, this has been said to reduce the cravings and also withdrawal symptoms of not smoking.

In order to get the word to people that this works and can be used to quit the habit of smoking it must be marketed in a way that it reaches its target audience, those who smoke and mainly those who have smoked for many years. Almost all who have had a smoking addiction for years have tried at some point different ways to quit the habit and will be more curious to if the new product will work for them.

Starting in a community where you know people is key, actually going out and talking to people that you know have a smoking addiction can get marketing off to a great start. One on one interaction always has a greater advantage then a pamphlet that’s posted or laid in a stack. Information like that may not ever be touched and even when picked up its usually skimmed through and put back down.

Once you have gone out in the community and started talking with people you can organize a public speech. By talking with people and asking them to pass the word on it will create curiosity in other people. Chances are the public speech will have a great turnout.

Giving out coupons for the product is a big way to grab attention and get people to try the E-cig, everyone likes a good deal and is looking for something less expensive then what they are doing already. Even giving out samples possibly of a disposable E-cig or letting others try it in a demonstration is a fantastic idea!

By doing all of this the strategy is really to build relationships. Nobody likes a salesperson or advertisement that states their case and then is never to be seen again. People want someone personable, someone they can relate to and even better is if that person has quit smoking by using the E-cig already and can be a positive testimony to it! If someone wants to try something new they want to see that it has in fact worked!

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