The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide

AffiloBlueprint is a complete affiliate marketing guide comprising 55 videos explaining a step-by-step process for creating a successful affiliate business. Included in the materials is a bespoke WordPress theme that is optimized for affiliate marketing and guarantees that you will have a quality website.

Although the program caters for people inexperienced in both internet marketing and web development (newbies) it will also be of interest to intermediate to advanced marketers who want a step-by-step repeatable system that is proven to work and which they can be easily outsourced. Also the wordpress theme and covert strategies videos are easily worth the price of the course even for the most advanced affiliates.

NOT Testimonials
We all know that if you're selling something you can generally find a few customers to say nice things about you - and if not, although you and I would never do it, there are people who will use a little artistic licence and make them up!

Here are some genuinely independent posts from over at the internet marketing forum, Warrior Forum. These guys know what they are talking about.

Here are some of their comments: In developing this site, I have encountered literally hundreds of affiliate marketing guides promising to make me millions. Mostly these affiliate marketing products are simply re-hashing basic internet marketing strategies. What differentiates AffiloBlueprint is the fact it is proven to work. If you read any of the feedback on the internet marketing forums you will not find any negative comments about this program. As an affiliate marketing guide, it really is in a class of its own.

For me to recommend it so wholeheartedly (you will notice I am not so gushing about other products on this site!) there had to be something on top of an excellent product. That something is service. Mark Ling is renowned for going the extra mile.

AffiloBlueprint Affiliate Marketing Guide - the benefits

Task-specific modules that progressively build on each other. Contains over 55 step-by-step video lessons.
Shows you how to develop a profitable affiliate site, from market research and choosing a good niche, to SEO, PPC and monetizing your site. Example real-world websites prove the formula works. (in fact in the first AffiloBlueprint it was recorded live (see vidoe below) as Mark made a profitable website from scratch in front of a live audience, this time it isn’t taught ‘live’ so as to better organize the training for the users).

Nothing taken for granted in terms of your knowledge. All video lessons explain everything you need to know, even if you've never built a website or done affiliate marketing before. What’s more there’s a fantastic troubleshooting lesson. Analyze your under-performing site with this step by step process to locate and fix underlying problems.

A custom-designed Wordpress template for creating your first affiliate site. I can't emphasise the value of this template enough. This is easily worth the price of AffiloBlueprint all by itself. It is great for newbies and advanced marketers. It allows you to easily create Affiloblueprint-style websites and also the pay per click landing pages and monetization. And it comes with unlimited licences.
One month of free access given to the brand new, recently upgraded Affilorama Premium product. This contains full access to Affilorama’s valuable software tools, plus a new online magazine each month, plus a quality intermediate-advanced interview with an internet millionaire each month on a specific topic.

Scalable and repeatable formula. You can use AffiloBlueprint to create one site, then use the exact same process to create another site in a different niche (Mark teaches how to uncover profitable niches in the course). The process can be easily outsourced too.
Every experienced internet marketer will tell you that the real money is in your newsletter list. Several strategies for maximizing the revenue potential of your newsletters. Mark has over 1.5 million people on his niche mailing lists and reveals his extensive expertise about how to gain lots of opt-ins and how to best structure your newsletter sequences.
How to use analytics and web statistics to track your progress and make small 'tweaks' to ensure your sites are operating at their best.
Discover exactly how Mark uses pay per click so that you can ramp up your revenue from AffiloBlueprint-style websites to the next level... without burning through too much cash in the process.
For intermediate to advanced affiliates, the covert affiliate strategies videos will enable you to transforum your earnings to a whole new level. Again, worth the price of AffiloBlueprint just by itself.
Mark Ling explaining the AffiloBlueprint Affilitate Marketing Guide

The AffiloBlueprint Course Guide

Week One: Market Research
Finding a profitable niche
Introduction to keywords and how to do niche background research
Building a keyword list

Week Two: Getting content for site
How to get content for your site
A look at one of Mark's articles

Week Three: Setting up your website
Choosing and registering a domain and setting up web hosting
Building a basic website in XsitePro
Building a basic website in Wordpress, adding articles
How to upload your website (XsitePro)

Week Four: Website Design
Tidying and designing your website
Working with the Wordpress Theme
Creating a header in
How to insert a new header in WordPress
How to lay out your article pages

Week Five:
Introduction to SEO (SE rankings with TT, web stats)
On-page SEO fundamentals
Writing product reviews
How to create a review table

Week Six: SEO Link Building for Beginners
Introduction to off-page SEO
Article and directory submissions + AMA

Week Seven: Newsletters
Introduction to newsletters
Newsletter strategies
How to add your newsletter series to Aweber
How to add a newsletter box into your site, and how to format it to make it look appealing
Thank you, confirmation pages
How to create redirects (in XsitePro)

Week Eight:
Introduction to Web 2.0: Squidoo and Twitter
The “Money Pages” backlink strategy
RSS and the “Mr K” backlink strategy

Week 9: Advanced web tweaking and tidying:
Google Analytics
Basic Tracking
Troubleshooting lesson

Week Ten: Pay Per Click One
Introduction to PPC
Keyword research for PPC
Using Traffic Travis to find profitable keywords for PPC
Setting up an AdWords account & starting a new campaign (& adgroups)

Week Eleven: Pay Per Click Two
Creating landing pages for PPC
Writing ads for PPC (Copywriting, URLs, Wildcards, etc)
Setting everything in motion

Week Twelve: Pay Per Click Three
Conversion tracking
Split-testing ads
Bidding strategies
Content network strategies
Other networks other than google
Advanced Covert Strategies Videos
Affiliate Marketing Guide - AffiloBlueprint

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