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Automation is not as easy as simple as it once was. Virtually all the major sites use some form of CAPTCHA or other means to thwart software-only submissions and account creation. However, there is still substantial work that can be avoided.

My Approach to Social BookMarking

Just as with Article Marketing Stragegy and Directory Submissions (and most other areas), I adopt a two pronged approach - BookMarking Demon and OnlyWire. Partly this is driven by the need to avoid being identified as a spammer by the Tier 1 sites and partly because the tools I use target different sites.

1 - Bookmarking Demon

Bookmarking Demon (BMD) bookmarks lists Tier 1 and Scuttle and Pligg varieties. Here is the process with BMS

account creation at bookmarking sites (you fill out a template that is used across multiple sites). You can create multiple accounts at each site.BMD accounts

add the urls that you would like to bookmarkBMD URLs

click to bookmark - BMD bookmarks on autopilot

ping your bookmarking pages to speed indexing

BMD ping
At this point some alarms bells should be ringing in your head. Multiple accounts and heavy bookmarking of your own accounts are likely to get you banned. But BMD has a few tricks up its sleeve.

BMD applies randomization - it uses different accounts at each bookmarking site
it staggers posting - ie it will post one link at a site then move onto another site - in other words, the bookmarking site will see it as human-like
it will allow you to draw in (using an RSS feed) random pages to bookmark along with yours - less obvious which site you are self-promoting
it only bookmarks a percentage of your sites in a single session
Avoiding Spamming

BMD logit keeps a log and remembers which links were bookmarked at which sites - this means that once you have set up BMD you can just set it to run (whilst you have dinner or overnight). You can add new links at any time.
BMD comes with its own list of bookmarking sites. You can add more Scuttle and Pligg sites but not the other sites (which are not running generic software).

I rate BMD very highly (and bought it after reading many favorable reviews). But it isn't perfect. BMDs one weakness is its Tier 1 list. Some of the most important sites are missing. [Note BMD is currently at version 4 - a new version is on the horizon which promises to address the Tier 1 issue. If you buy now at the BMD 4 price, you will receive a free upgrade to BMD 5.]

I would still strongly recommend BMD - it is just so quick and easy to use. In tandem with the next approach, you will have all bases covered.

2 - OnlyWire

OnlyWire is an online service that submits URLs to the Tier 1 sites. It is not completely automated because most of the Tier 1 suppliers prevent this. However it will save you considerable time.

It's Free!

OnlyWireYou can use OnlyWire for free providing you install the OnlyWire plugin on a blog (they will check!) The plugin adds a small button that allows users to bookmark your posts - so win-win! (OnlyWire will also use the accounts created to bookmark some of its own sites).

To use OnlyWire, you can add a toolbar and when you are at a URL that you would like to bookmark, click on the icon. OnlyWire will send you a status email and you will complete the bookmarking process at the OnlyWire website - filling in CAPTCHAS or adding tags and categories etc.

You will need to create accounts manually at each of the social bookmarking sites - OnlyWire, unlike BMD, does NOT create accounts. To create the accounts and transfer the details to OnlyWire, you should use Roboform (this is the most referenced program on my site - it is an awesome piece of software for SEO automation.)

The Best OnlyWire Feature - the API

OnlyWire APIUsing the OnlyWire toolbar button is fine, but it does mean that you are tied to one OnlyWire account. Supposing you created a number of accounts at each social bookmarking site (OK, we're going a little 'Grey' Hat here), wouldn't it be great if you could use OnlyWire to automate posting to those accounts.

Well you can! OnlyWire has an API and you can use the API to log in and post to different accounts.

Tips on how to do this are available in the newsletter.

... or paid for ...

If you don't have a blog or don't want the button on your blog, you can pay a small fee to use the OnlyWire service.

... and for WordPress Blogs

There is a plugin that will automatically bookmark your posts using the OnlyWire API. You will find it on the Best WordPress Plugins page.

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