Saturday, January 9, 2016

Selling Home by Owner

To the untrained eye, one who sees a home described as For Sale
By Owner would assume that it was truly as described, with no outside help.

However, in actual fact, the home owner who wishes to be selling
home by owner has many opportunities to interact with real estate professionals to assist in the sale.

Today’s market has evolved so that an owner can customize his
or her exposure to outside help, either through outright For Sale By
Owner Programs that are available, or through a selection of separate
vendors who will perform a variety of more limited specific tasks.

We review briefly the kaleidoscope of Selling Home By Owner services that are available, although it is by no means a comprehensive list of Selling Home By Owner companies . is strictly an internet presence which starts
with a basic internet ad,  including photos and description of the home.
It also has two programs available to real estate agents who want
to cooperate under their terms.


This company puts the property on the Multiple Listing Service for a
flat fee, thus avoiding the cost of a listing agent.  The listing offers
a buyer’s agent to bring a buyer for a pre-set commission proposal.
Under this arrangement the seller is still allowed to use his or her own
efforts to attract a buyer and avoid all commissions.

This company is a franchise which has brick-and-mortar offices
throughout the country, and has real estate agents working the
area, much like the traditional large franchises.

The basic service allows a seller to interact face to face with a
Help-U-Sell agent, who advises on listing price,  helps with advertising,
and will negotiate the sale.  MLS cooperation is also available if
the seller wishes.

Entrepreneur Magazine has voted Help-U-Sell one of the Top
500 franchises.

By Owner Nation

This company is an internet service which follows a tried and true
internet marketing strategy by offering a service for free up front,
and then subsequently offering further fee services.

The owner can list their property for free.
has then  made a series of further resources available, which generates
revenue from those services.

If all of these options are too pricey, a real estate agent and attorney
have teamed up to write a 179 page book which features an 8 step program which instructs sellers on how how sell a home by themselves.
It sells for $24.95.

In summary, with the help of today’s amazing communication
technology, the home seller can investigate several options when
enlisting help with the sale of a home.

Selling Home By Owner has never been easier, but it still requires hard work!

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