Roboform for SEO

I have mentioned Roboform many times on this website. It is my most-used tool for internet marketing, allowing me to :

automate website signups and logins - article sites, hubs, lenses, YouTub, directories, social media, networking, affiliates
safeguard all passwords
use multiple identities - many browsers / toolbars will remember your login details for a particular website. But what if you would like several logins, perhaps for different businesses that you run or to allow you to post links to your sites
quickly pay for purchases by completing credit card / paypal forms
Roboform is simple to install. It automatically places a toolbar into Firefox and Internet Explorer and any time a form appears on a page, Roboform will either complete it with one-click or allow you to save your responses for the future. It can generate (and remember) secure passwords for any site. And encrypt them for complete security.

And, if you work on several computers, you can synchronize across them.

Please Share it! :)

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