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When I decided to write a review of XsitePro I thought that I would complement my own insight with some comments from professional journalists writing in the major computer magazines. What a surprise I had. There is what appears to be a conspiracy of silence about XSitePro. I looked for a review of XSitePro in PCW, PC Magazine, .net, PC Plus and PC Pro. Not a single review! In fact the only professional reviews I could find were in Practical PC (10 out of 10) and PC Adviser, a UK magazne, which gave a score of 91%.

So, two excellent reviews but it almost seems that XSitePro is being ignored and the only reason I can see for this is: it makes website design too easy! It enables virtually anyone to create an impressive website in very little time - and we know that all professionals like to maintain a veil of mystery and complexity.

Of course, any kind of 'automation' means that you will lose some control. However, for all but the most serious professional, this is probably control over things that are of little interest. And remember the general rules:

control = it takes longer

control = you need greater expertise

controlThe best comparison I can make is between a professional and consumer camera. The Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III at over $6,000 (without lenses) will certainly take higher quality photographs than the Canon PowerShot, retailing at a mere $270. And if you are publishing a fashion magazine you may require the quality and control that the EOS offers. However, the PowerShot is point-and-click - its default and automated settings will cover 95% of the requirements. To make use of the settings on the EOS will require a much greater knowledge of lighting, shutter speeds, apertures and so on.

And the final result - well a professional photographer with a magnifying glass could probably notice the difference.

So back to our review of XSitePro - yes you could go down the Dreamweaver route but if you want a great looking website quickly, then you really ought to consider XSitePro.

Designed for Business - Designed for Efficiency

One of the critical differences, in my opinion, between XSitePro and a standard web development package is that XSitePro has been designed from the outset to be marketing-oriented. Thus it has integrated:

SEO tools
Amazon self-optimizing adverts and recommended product links
Google AdSense
PayPal integration
RSS syndication and feed wizard
Banner rotation
Hundreds of professionally-designed templates to provide you with a quick-start without the need for graphic design skills and with a global site design control you can radically change the look of your site with a few clicks. As you might expect, there is WYSIWYG editor with spell-checker and thesaurus. If you want to get down into the code, multi-coloured tag editing will make the process much easier. (and you can even export to Dreamweaver!)

click for a larger image of XSitePro Screenshots

For me, one of the great time-savers is the fully automated menu system. It is a tedious task manually adding page links to menus - and easy to forget - so to have this done automatically is a great boon. Sitemaps too are generated with a couple of clicks.

Extending the functionality of your sites is made easy through a series of simple commands and wizards covering areas such as:

With built-in publishing features you don't need to worry about FTP clients - your entire website development process can be managed from within XSitePro.

The documentation that comes with XSitePro is extensive to say the least - walkthrough tutorials and and an Essential Quick Start Guide are supplemented by a 1000-page Advanced User Guide, 24x7 technical support and an extensive online forum.

And there's a 30-day Money Back Guarantee so you have nothing to lose!

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