Review of Interspire Web Publisher

Interspire Web Publisher is actually a Content Management System (CMS). As such, it is competing against several free open-source programs such as Joomla and Drupal. These competitors are undoubtedly extremely powerful but it can take a great deal of expertise and time to harness that power, as I mentioned on my website design software page.

Interspire web publisher exampleAs a Content Management System, Interspire Web Publisher differs from conventional website design software. The starting point for a CMS, as the name suggests, is content management and particularly the management of content from several users.

When to Use

You should seriously consider Interspire Web Publisher if you are developing a site for:

communities - hobbies, sports, local groups, churches etc
schools and colleges
online magazines
knowledge sharing
Of course, you are not restricted to these. Consider a business website. You may wish to have sections relating to products, customer service, technical support, marketing and operations. Each part of the site could be edited by a different manager.

Interspire Web Publisher FeaturesContent is King

What Interspire Web Publisher does is to separate the content from the underlying code. Content experts can add material through a WYSIWYG interface, including seamlessly adding video and images. Meanwhile, all the technical and design stuff is hidden away and can be managed by administrators.

There is no software to install on any computer. Everything is done on your server through a web browser. This offers tremendous flexibility because it means that content can be created and edited from any computer by anyone with login credentials. The authority of any user can be controlled by the administrators. For instance, a user may be able to create content but it must be approved by someone with editor credentials before it appears on the website.

Being community-oriented, users can create their own profiles and comment on content. They may also upload files and link to their Twitter accounts.

Now let me be completely open here. You can get most of what Interspire Web Publisher offers in the open-source programs. The difference - and let me assure you from personal painful, frustrating experience it is a big difference - Interspire just works! The functionality has been integrated from the foundations so there are no conflicting plugins and no need to start editing php code to make something work.

Support Matters

There is also the question of support. With any open-source product you are relying on unpaid community members to help out. This will generally happen but maybe not on the timescale you would like. Contrast this with the support the level of support you will receive from Interspire (have a look on the Sitepoint forums). With over 30,000 customers and a 300% growth in revenues in 2008, Interspire have been making a lot of customers happy!

When you set the cost of Interspire against the time you will save and, if you are a business, the revenues you will generate, it becomes a very good buy. 'Saving' a couple of hundred dollars may be a false economy.

Interspire Suite

The Interspire range encompasses several products in addition to Website Publisher:

Shopping Cart - SEO and beautiful design combined
Email Marketer - renowned as the most reliable and feature-packed email marketing and autoresponder package - visit my review of Interspire Email Marketer
Knowledge Manager - for larger organisations
Review of Interspire Web Publisher Summary

full-featured content management system
robust and simple to use
fantastic support
extendable with a suite of complementary products

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