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In today’s real estate market, the tools available to the typical agent are constantly growing.

Agents can choose among audio tours, software for sales prospecting and contact management, fax on demand, etc.

Yet in the din something has been passed over. Disregarded. Omitted...

... not really on purpose, but because it is considered too hard to implement, yet, it is the essence of internet marketing…...

The truth is, if you, as a self employed vendor in today’s world, disregard it, you have failed to comprehend the power of the internet. The essence of the internet, really. The real point of a dot com website.

Let’s start with an internet term, cookie cutter site. It’s commonly referred to as a site which uses a very basic template in the construction of the site, and yet, it’s not the simplicity of construction alone which makes this form of real estate marketing tool ineffective.

It is the fact that there may be thousands of sites exactly like this in existence, with just a few differences which identify it as your site.

This makes the site anathema to SEARCH ENGINES. Search engine spiders have been programmed to detect this type of site and disregard it as irrelevant. The only way a site of this type is found is if an agent gives the potential client the address the old fashioned way, with a sign, letter, card etc.

Some agents understand the ineffectiveness of this type of site, so they go a small step further and create or have created a sometimes very expensive site with fancy, one of a kind graphics and detail. This is a step forward, but still not the essence of the Information Age.

At the essence is a site that actually goes out there into the ether and grabs cyber surfers that are looking for real estate.

And mind you, it is being done by a few.

Now, not all is lost, because you can link your preexisting site which displays local weather, details about the local schools, your beautiful picture, etc. with the type of site which I describe.

The best news is that it is available to the complete, non computer-literate user who can then create a way to pull in targeted traffic. The organization is Site Build It, and their motto is: “Don’t build a website….build a high traffic website.”

Take this test. Go to and see where your site ranks among the 56 million sites presently on the web. 35 percent of Site Build It sites are in the top ONE PER CENT for targeted traffic. That means that they are attracting ready-to-buy-customers.

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