Real Estate Marketing Supply

AKA How About A Battery-Operated System?

One of the most common items in the world of real estate marketing supply is the promotional product, which has morphed into an environment where any useful item which has a printable surface is fair game to be used in this way.

In addition, microelectronics has made many items which have very useful
functions available for promotional use at a reasonable price.

They run the gamut from:

cell phone chargers

to smoke detectors

mini flashlights


lanterns, et cetera…

just insert a battery and go!

And lately, in the never-ending quest for improvement, the real estate marketing supply industry is rushing to introduce BATTERY FREE items to market to replace former versions which required replaceable batteries.

And on the face of it, of course, it seems logical and it is, of course, for many
obvious reasons.     But let’s look a little closer for a moment  and ask ourselves if a real estate marketing opportunity at the point of need for battery replacement is being overlooked.

Of course, as the provider of the item, you would like to see it stay in the hands of the user as long as possible, its message always reminding one of your availability for service in real estate.

That’s why battery free seems like the way to go.

But couldn’t this be a situation around which you could build another small
perpetual marketing scenario?

How about if you just let it be known that if the user will come to see you, you will provide them with a free battery?

Now, it is common knowledge that the whole time share industry  was built upon the precept that many people feel that if you initiate with a small gift, they feel compelled to reciprocate.

OK, so now you’ve gotten them to come to you, you’ve given them a small gift to mentally prime them for reciprocation, what would be useful for you to receive in return ?

How about a referral?

Why, of course, a simple little referral, one of which will eventually turn into thousands of dollars in commissions in return for some batteries.

Now, to make your real estate marketing supply system more uniform and easier to implement, you ask them for the referral on a form.

  In this way they can be asked for that precious referral even if you’re not in the office when they arrive.   All that’s needed is standing orders to present that form to anyone asking for a battery.

And, don’t be bashful.  Just like marketers ask when you’re filling out an internet survey, put an asterisk by all the items that you identify as items that MUST be completed.

This can also be done with ball point pens which allow replacement of a cartridge. The Parker Jumbo is the most common cartridge, and don’t cost much in bulk. Of course, any item which requires a replaceable component from time to time is also fair game.

Well, now you have at least one operational referral system under your belt.

You can call this system your  “Battery-Operated Referral System In A Box”, and over time, it will pay off handsomely.

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