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"Image Industries is always consistent with their follow through.

I have used them for many years and highly recommend them."

- April Malavet

- Prudential Americana Group Real Estate

- Las Vegas, NV
...The use of a real estate leads generation system sounds like a great idea, and indeed, can be.

However, this industry is still in its infancy, and it seems as though the "preferred protocol" has yet to be defined.

Here are some players in the field, gauge your own situation as to which provider would be best for you.

. Homegain /////This provider has buyer AND seller leads, and the agent pays a 30% referral fee if the lead results in a closing. They harvest their leads from a web of consumer websites.

They also help the real estate agent to develop him or herself with a newsletter filled with success tips.

. Realty Generator /////An alternative approach here, RG works with agents who already have an operating website. They then work to enhance the site, maximizing it’s capability to draw in potential clients through the work of search engines.

They also work with the agent to help them convert more of these prospects into real buyers or sellers.

. E-Agent ////E-A has taken neighborhoods around the country and broken them into separate marketing areas. They then work with one agent exclusively in that area.

The real estate leads that come from that area are exclusive to that agent.

E-A cooperates with the agent to grow that area, and offer other complimentary support functions..

. REO Agent 411 /////During this change in the market, you can earn an income listing REOs and performing BPOs for lenders who are in desperate need of a qualified agent who knows my local marketplace.

The good news is, you too can earn great extra income - or even have a full-time business, just by registering with the right sources. The more companies you register with, the better your chances are of finding those “right ones” that pay off big time.

Your Real Estate Business Can continue During This Current Foreclosure "Boom". Experts Are Predicting That ThIS REO TREND WILL BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME TO COME.

As you know, banks, lenders and asset management companies aren't in the real estate business - so they want these homes to sell quickly and recoup their loan investments as smoothly and hassle-free as possible.

. Number 1 Expert /////This company operates to build a website for the agent, and to also build them a marketing network with a name recognition.

There are no referral fees, but rather a setup and network membership fee. They are a part of Trader Publications, which has had huge success with the House Trader series. . /////This company requires no site to get started, and will advertise agent services in the Internet Yellow Pages. For agents with a website, they offer a Pay Per Click Program which allows the agent to “buy very specific keywords”, budgeting as much as they would like to spend on highly targeted traffic.

. /////This appears to be the most full service. It is a division of Lending Tree, which has had success with the on-line mortgage business.

. Most Choice /////Most Choice is also operated by an organization which had prior related business experience. They have had success in the in the insurance lead generation business. The real estate lead generation business would seem a very natural progression.

. Voice Logics /////Voice Logics is a custom telemarketing service that will call your marketing area that the agent has chosen. Their telemarketers use proven sales scripts and will also work with an agent to create one. They then report promising leads directly to that agent.

IN SUMMARY, these real estate leads suppliers reflect a further fragmenting of duties made possible by instant communication, giving the real estate agent more free time.... actually negotiate sales!

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