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In the world of real estate flyers, the ante is continually being raised as to the quality of documents that must eminate from an agent’s office…. from your stock letterhead to your brochures, the professional standard nationwide always seems to be rising.

Of course, this is another load upon an agent’s budget to keep ahead (or at least abreast of the pack, as some of today’s buyers and sellers seem to scrutinize agents very closely in every detail before selecting with whom they will work.

It's difficult especially for an agent just beginning in the field, who is looking to get a good start without going bankrupt first.

Concerning an agent’s flyers, it’s also critical that listing flyers be produced as rapidly as possible after the listing has been taken. Today it is necessary to be able to download digital pictures into your software, add the information about the property, include an agent introduction, and print it out in color before this weekend’s open house.

Well, good news is on the way!

Software giant Microsoft has made available on the web some very good real estate flyer software for FREE, in fact at the real estate flyer portal at MicrosoftOffice there is a plethora of free business tools specifically created for the real estate agent, such as:


Here you can choose among many templates to your own taste, including the “collage” style for your photos and an area for an introduction of yourself, the listing agent.


Proactively managing client communication and client relationships can result in repeat sales and referrals for the agent. As your career develops, this facet requires special critical attention.


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Templates are also available at for real estate brochures.

Of course, if more specialized real estate flyers are needed or desired, such software is available for a fee. One such purveyor is ProForce Software Corporation. Go to:

And, if time is especially tight, full service printers are available online with amazing Turnaround times. One such purveyor is Overnight Prints, at or toll free at 1(888) 677-2000.



Also available at is an area dedicated to newsletters. It has articles to help target your newsletter, how to be relevant to your audience, and it also includes templates for two and four page newsletters.


Post Script

In an effort to keep this article current, it is recommended to follow these instructions to find the latest in Microsoft’s tools:

4 Steps:

1. Go to (or your preferred search engine)

2. Go to Advanced Search

3. Enter into the “All The Words” box: “Microsoft Free Real Estate Resource” This should allow you to sweep up any recent additions to the free software Microsoft provides including real estate flyer support tools.

4. Enjoy!




It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words. In this tight market you can make your emails stand out with attractive graphics, as well as making sure your website is up to date and visually appealing.

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