Real Estate Business Card Ideas

"What’s In YOUR….handbag?"

The real estate business card cannot be overlooked as an opportunity for an agent to “stand out” as it were, if some time, research and originality are put to the task.

Once put into circulation to the general public, the typical real estate business card follows a somewhat different fate than most, in that it is bunched in with a stack of other real estate cards.

So, in acknowledgement of that fact alone, the agent should perhaps put a little more thought into their card.

In response to that demand, real estate business card providers have built internet presence to display their wares.

We briefly review 4 such providers below:

Agents who are affiliated with a franchise office have a good choice of pre-designed cards here.   Designs are also available for agents with independent offices, as well as commercial agents.

Real Estate Business Card City Pictures

The site of Epiphany Creations, the agent will find here the
availability of stock background  pictures  of all the major U.S.

A full torso shot of the agent in the foreground (clothed, of course)
and a cityscape or landscape in the background can create a very
impressive card.

Real Estate Branding

Another approach is taken by LinkURealty, which makes available
the concept of bringing “marketing, brand and look all together”.

They can  create a website design which will be coordinated with
the business card design.  Of course this same theme can then
be carried on to flyers, folders, brochures and all other presentations.

Direct Mailers

In addition to business cards, ColorCards offers a couple of useful
mailer cards, one which announces the seasonal time changes, and another which lists the local school schedules.

The aforementioned providers work from a template method, and
as such they have available all of the designation symbols, such as;

Equal Housing Opportunity
As a suggestion, look for the UV coating, which will provide a heavy, glossy quality to the card.

And last but not least, as Epiphany Creations mentions, “quality in
means quality out.”  In a nutshell, that means that the better quality
of art that you provide any real estate business card creator, the
happier you are going to be with the final result.

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