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Which Real Estate Advertising Medium Works Best For Your Real Estate Marketing Target Group?

Sometimes it’s good to just have a list of all the options available.   Here’s  a compendium of the many different vehicles to use when pondering
your choices

Newspaper Ads:  Widely read, can be quick to implement  and  available in a broad range of coverage and saturation.

Open House:  Requires no capital outlay.   Rides upon your credibility.   You are a real, live lister of homes.   Puts you face to face with buyers quickly.

Newsletters/Postcards: Requires consistency.   However, can create a great community of loyal clients over time.

Door Knocking:  Like newsletters and postcards, requires consistency over time, but has the power to separate you from the crowd in a competitive local area.

Cold Calling: Always have the  no call list for the area,  but like door knocking, you can almost always count on being the only agent using this method.   Requires a sharp script and technique.

Personal Brochure:  Only use this after you have enough accomplishments or a unique sales position to display.
Promotional Products:   Today, almost any item of use that also has a surface upon which to put your name and contact information is available.  The correct item can really achieve a high “eyeball count” for the money over time.

Billboard:  Although it’s thought of as a “shotgun approach” to real estate advertising, the analysis for placement and message is doubly critical.
Television Advertising: Although thought of as “big city” real estate advertising, works better in a small town.

Seminars:  An  excellent venue to show your expertise and affiliate with other professionals who such as mortgage brokers, lawyers, landscapers, remodelers, feng shui consultants, interior designers.

Targeted Leads to your Local Area:  If you don’t have a website that is doing this function for you, there are now national agencies which provide targeted leads for a fee.  Some agents have found great success with this tool.  Can be used as a quick-start strategy for a new or freshly relocated agent.

Personal  Website:  Make sure your site funnels targeted leads back to you. This can be a lifetime project that pays big dividends.

SBI websites have helped hundreds of real estate agents build real estate advertising websites for less than the price of a $400.00 yellow page ad.  Take a quick look at this slideshow that reveals the proven 10-step system how anyone   without technical computer skills can build a website to generate hundreds of monthly FREE real estate leads.
E-mailing to a list:   “A modern version of the newsletter”

Interest Groups/Social Groups:   All work and no play makes you a dull boy or girl, but no one ever said that business couldn’t be mixed with play.

Google/PPC: Pay per click, Adwords.....Go to Google and then go to"All the words" under advanced Search.   In the space, enter the words "Google fast words".

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