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Real Estate Marketing Script Article:

Telemarketing. Telemarketer.  “Oh, I’m not one of those.  They’re
Bad people.  Nobody likes THOSE people”.

Of course, the same is said of lawyers, and they make MONEY.


Because they’re highly skilled, they operate within an environment
which demands them, and they do a job that many others don’t
want to consider doing.

So let’s just get over the FEAR of telemarketing, and if it helps to
call it something else, so be it.  As long as it can pump up your
real estate business, let’s see how we might be able to make it
as painless as possible, .

At first blush, the first obstacle that presents itself when calling
prospective buyers or sellers is not knowing what to say to a
live person.

Problem solved.


Well, the REAL ESTATE MARKETING SCRIPT has been around
 for a long time, but now computer tech has enhanced the breed.
Linked responses boost a caller’s confidence as fumbling with
papers can now be avoided. Response time is lightning quick with
a little practice.

Good software and a little confidence can do wonders in overcoming objections, and smoothly moving to the next transition statement. You can soon find yourself speaking conversationally, asking relevant questions naturally, all the while building rapport with your prospective customer/client.

A popular way to use this type of program is to convert expired listings and set appointments.

Also available is software used to write your own script.  You can create your own opening, lead-in, presentation, and closures.  A KEYNOTE WATCHWORD is to not allow your presentation to grow too long.

One word of caution, take heed of the do-not-call list in your area, and always practice common courtesy on ALL of your calls.  Another tip is not to take rejection personally.

In closing, call it telemarketing or cold calling, it has some seeds for success in your real estate business, so we’ll call it what it can be; a template for success.

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