Protecting Website Content

... and gaining backlinks!

There are programs for creating websites automatically - I discuss some of them on my finding content for websites page. Providing the person using this software provides attribution and a link back to the original content - or simply uses it as a source of inspiration - I don't have too much of a problem with such software. It may even be a source of backlinks for me.

However, not everyone is so upright. There are many content thieves who will simply scrape websites with keyword-related content and even have the cheek to proclaim it as an "Exclusive".

Now you can fight back.

Using Tracer to Protect Content

Tracer is a small, FREE, script from Tynt that will automatically insert a link to your site when ever any person or program copies material from your website. Let me prove it immediately. Select the text in this paragraph by dragging with your mouse, press Ctrl-C (if using Windows) or Command-C (Mac), then paste into Notepad or Word. You should see a link to this page inserted underneath the text that you grabbed.

How cool is that?!

On the Tracer website you can even watch a live-feed of stuff being copied!

So content thieves now provide backlinks! Of course, they can edit out the link but the truth is that most content-theft is automated and so your link will remain.

Tracer Reporting

When you create your account, you will be provided with a small line of code to insert into your webpages. One of the additional benefits is that you can view statistics for copied content. Here is my Dashboard (click to enlarge) on the day that I signed up. No backlinks yet!

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