Mind Mapping with MindManager

You may be surprised to find mind mapping on a site about internet marketing. MindManager is one of the most used pieces of software that I own. Every business idea starts out as a mindmap. I capture:

the bones of the idea
resources that I can use - websites, articles, videos
promotion ideas
implementation plans
The beauty of mind mapping with MindManager is that there is so much flexibility. My mindmap allows my brain to work withoout imposing a rigid structure and the mind map can be instantly rearranged as my thoughts change. I can hold seemingly disparate pieces of information all in the one place. It is a one-stop shop.

I use mind maps to capture ideas for blogs and articles. No more scraps of post-its, I just open up the Ideas mind map and add the latest thought or drag a link to a useful website.

Click for Site OutlineAnd when the time comes to implement a plan, MindManager becomes the project manager, converting ideas into tasks and synchronizing with Outlook and its own project management module.

You may have also noticed that I use them to provide a big picture perspective when I am trying to communicate. The overview of this site is a mindmap. And if you subscribe to the Internet Marketing Program, you can be assured that there will be lots of mind map summaries.

Why MindManager Pro for Mind Mapping

I recommend MindManager Pro for mind mapping because:

feature-rich - it has the largest range of features, from project management and online collaboration through to integration with Microsoft Office both functionally and visually - you will notice the Office ribbon-like interface. You can can export as images or PDFs.
rock-solid - I have used MindManager for around ten years and it has never crashed once.
presentation - it is easy to produce good looking mindmaps and using the presentation mode you can give PowerPoint a rest
Click on the link above for more information from MindJet, the developers of MindManager.

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