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The "Big Daddy" is PortalFeeder, a complete system for generating a substantial income online. It incorporates comprehensive training, content, all the automation software you will need, resources, one-on-one mentoring and access to an existing network of around 7000 sites.

It does require a non-trivial monthly investment though. However, you can try it for 30-days and get your money back if you don't agree that it represents great value.


PPC KahunaThis software will help you to identify profitable keywords to use in Pay-Per-Click (for example, AdWords) marketing. It works on the basis of "Why reinvent the wheel when you can just copy what the most successful person is doing". It is a very logical approach and PPCKahuna has automated most of it:

identify keywords and campaigns that are being used successfully by others

create hundreds of targeted ads at the click of a button

instantly build landing pages for each of the keywords and ad groups

+ Brad Callen

Affiliate EliteCombined with Brad Callen's Affiliate Elite (which helps you to identify profitable affiliate products at Clickbank and uncover the most profitable PPC tactics) , you could create a very strong PPC business - and save yourself so much time.

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