How to Create Marketing Videos for YouTube

Creating videos for YouTube and other video services is exceptionally easy. Virtually every camcorder, webcam, digital camera and even mobile phone on the market today comes with software to enable you to capture and edit videos on your computer. So check out the manufacturers' website or any CD/DVD or that came with equipment you already own.
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For Windows XP, you can download the free Windows Movie Maker for XP, which provides basic drag-and-drop editing (how-to website here). If you use Vista, here is the movie-maker page at Microsoft. If you are a Mac user, here is the link to iMovie.

Screen Recording

A quick way to produce a video for small business marketing is to create a PowerPoint presentation and then record the screen as you play the presentation. Alternatively, if you want to demonstrate some software, simply record your screen - all the mouse movements, windows etc, exactly as you it. Add a voice-over or music whilst you record (or later) and upload to YouTube.

Jing is free software has been specifically designed to perform these tasks. You can also upgrade to Jing Pro for a very low cost. This will give you the option for high quality video and smaller filesizes, and a button for direct upload to YouTube.

More Sophisticated Video Creation Tools

Camtasia Studio

This is Jing's big brother. Most of the business videos that I see on the internet are produced using Camtasia. The reason - it is extremely powerful and great value. If you wish to produce training, sales tools or information resources, then Camtasia can:

Capture PPT presentations as video and audio
Record interaction with websites or software apps
Engage viewers with callouts
Measure retention with Flash quizzes
Let viewers take action with clickable hotspots
Add polish with transitions, titles and tilt effect
Add picture in picture - you talking to camera whilst delivering a PowerPoint presentation
Show the action clearly with auto zoom & pan
Save as any popular video format
Produce scaled-down version for portable devices
You can download a free 30-day trial. Here is a link to the learning center and an overview video.

adobe captivateAdobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is the heavyweight option - with a price to match (but you may pick up a bargain at ebay - the link below will take you directly to Adobe Captivate auctions). All of the above bullet points are accomplished with Captivate and there is a particular emphasis on learning applications. If you are already using Adobe CS software such as Photoshop then you will find a similar interface and streamlined workflow.

Video Content Tips

ensure you brand your videos - your website URL at start and finish (you can do this using layers and text, still images etc - even the free software listed at the top of the page allows you to do this)
prompt for the next step - signup for your newsletter, offer something extra at your website etc
show people - people build trust - yourself, friends, family etc
use bold powerful titles and have a strong introduction - you need to grab them in the first 10 seconds
promise "how-tos", secret tips, humor, controversy, money or success
address the question your audience will be asking itself: "What's In It For Me?" (WIIFM)
create a cliffhanger - so they tune-in to your next video
find what's hot at Google Trends
consider filming outside or in Starbucks or in the foyer of a theatre - your environment is part of the interest
be remarkable!
Creating Quality Video Content

aim to use natural light if you can - allow as much light into the room as possible
invest in a tripod - mini ones cost a few dollars
consider buying a decent microphone. Create a box around it to shield from the noise of your computer and place a stocking / tightsover the box to act as a pop shield (the letter 'p' often gets accentuated with a naked microphone). [Incidentally the slang for this is a 'spoffle', a word coined by Hugh Laurie (House MD) during a BBC radio interview.]
background - a hanging sheet is fine if you want to record in your kitchen and avoid last night's washing-up appearing

Make YouTube Videos

.. in minutes!

OK, let's be honest, these videos are not going to win any Oscars, and probably won't even get nominated.

But that's not their purpose. Our aim is to make YouTube Videos that promote our business. Here is an example of a video produced in 2minutes for a tattoo business:

Through transitions, titles, virtual camera movement and music, we can create something with impact. The software that produced this video will also watermark your videos with your domain and the website has lots of tips about how to make YouTube videos that are effective.

The software is called "Underground Tool" and is very cheap. Even if you are proficient with other YouTube video software tools, the speed with which you can make YouTube videos with this software probably makes it a worthwhile purchase.

It's from the same guy who developed Automatic Article Submitter - a very respected developer in the internet marketing community.

Please Share it! :)

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