First Page of Google - Guaranteed!

If you have read many of the articles on this website you will know that it is impossible to guarantee that you will appear on the first page of Google. And yet here I am promising that you will appear on the first page of Google. In fact, let me prove it - click on the image on the right to see actual Google search results.

Okay, let me be up front - the guarantee is valid but there is a condition attached. Before I talk about the condition, let me assure that the technique is immensely powerful and it will certainly repay you to read further.

Search Engine Marketing Is Not Only About Traffic

Most search engine marketing focuses on getting traffic to your website. Here we approach from a different perspective - we aren't aiming for more visitors, we are trying to keep the existing ones coming back. And the way we can do this is by coming into their mind when it is relevant. In other words, when they search for something related to your product, service or website. I would argue that this is just as important as getting visitors in the first place. Most people don't buy immediately. They check things out, have a look around, maybe forget about if for a few weeks.

This technique will put you in their minds at decision time.

First Page of Google for Subscribers

The approach requires your visitors to subscribe to your search links. That's what the button on the left under the menu is about. Go ahead and click it and you can subscribe to my search links. If you do subscribe, then whenever you type in a query related to internet marketing that I cover on this site, a link will appear to my site amongst your Google results. You can ignore it if you wish. All the other results are exactly what you would have seen from a normal Google search.

How to setup Google Subscribed Links

If you wish to setup Google suscribed links to ensure that you are on the first page of Google when it matters, you will need a Google account. Then click on the My Account link and you will see subscribed links. There is an option to setup a basic subscribed link which is self-explanatory - basically choose the search words entered by your subscribers that will trigger your listing, then enter the text for your listing. You can test your link using the 'Test and Troubleshoot' link (if you cannot see it, click on 'Developer Console' in the menu on the left.

create subscribed links

Now that you have a link, you can create Subscribe information. This is what your potential subscribers will see and is an opportunity to sell the benefits of your link.

Finally, click on the 'Get button code' link and copy the code that Google provides. You should now place this on your website or blog.

Customizing Your Subscribed Links

The default listing provided by Google is fairly basic. You have the option to brand your listing with your own logo and send your subscribers to different pages on your website depending on their search term. To do this, you will need a little xml knowledge. Or, you can subscribe to my newsletter and I'll provide you with an an explanatory PDF and xml template files where you can simply replace the default values with your own.

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