Finding Niche Keywords with Market Samurai

Keyword Analysis

The screenshot below reveals for each keyword: how many daily searches, how many clicks you would be likely to receive if ranked number 1 in Google, how broad the match is (ie what % typed in the exact keyword phrase), how many competing websites have words from the keyword phrase, the number of clicks and costs of Adwords listings and trends.

market samurai keyword analysis

The data in this table can provide you with a good indication of how competitive each keyword phrase is. However, we must also consider the quality of the competition. If the sites we are up against are authority sites such as Wikipedia or Ebay or Amazon, then we are unlikely to rank highly.

Keyword Competition Analysis

Here is Market Samurai's competitive analysis screen:

market samurai keyword competition analysis

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all this information, don't worry. The developers of Market Samurai provide extensive video tutorials and an amazing 200-page step-by-step manual that is virtually a complete SEO manual in its own right. Plus there is an active forum and blog.Again, simply click on the image to see a larger view. In this table you can see the how the top 10 sites achieved their ranking. You can view how a variety of factors combine, such as how old the domain is, the page rank of the site(to understand Page Rank, check out Wikipedia), the number of pages linking to the domain and specific page, whether there are any links from .gov or .edu sites (high authority), directory listings and on page optimisation (eg use of keywords in titles or the URL). This can be a real eye-opener to what actually works in achieving a high ranking.

Keyword Competition Drill-Down

If you would like even more information about how the high ranking sites achieved their position, you can drill-down on any of them to reveal:

Market Samurai Keyword Competiton Drill Down

This screen will show you the anchor text for all links and the page rank of the page on which the link appeared - invaluable for developing your own content - which leads on to ...

Generating Content

Based upon your keywords, Market Samurai will find content that may be suitable for you to include on your webpages or perhaps provide links to.

Generating Content


As you will have seen in the earlier screenshots, links from other websites to your pages are a very important element in achieving a good search engine position (in addition to being good sources of traffic in themselves). The screenshot below illustrates how Market Samurai can help you to identify potential back link sites.

Getting backlinks with Market Samurai

You will see that Market Samurai searches sites that provide high quality links, ranging from Hubs and Lenses through Yahoo Answers and Blogs to Forums.

Market Samurai FeaturesAnd yet more to come with Market Samurai

The feature list continues to grow with Market Samurai.

As you can see from the Control Panel on the right, Market Samurai is still in Beta. Don't be too concerned about this - it has been in Beta for over a year and will remain so until the feature list is complete.

Rest assured, all the features discussed above work just fine. In fact, in Spring 2009, Market Samurai was given a major speed burst, drastically improving productivity.

Like most of the products on this site, I am recommending Market Samurai because I actually use it personally. In fact, as you probably guessed, the screenshots above were lifted from one of my Market Samurai projects associated with this website.

When the additional features:

Publish Content
are added, Market Samurai really will be the complete internet marketing toolkit. If you buy now, you get all these extras as free upgrades. So don't hesitate, click on the logo below and visit Market Samurai.

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