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If you are new to facebook then I can strongly recommend the video series at butterscotch, Facebook For Grownups. Ten videos totalling less than 30 minutes covering signup, finding friends, developing your profile, applications and feeds, privacy, groups and events, videos and navigation.

Assuming that you now know all about Facebook, let's focus on Facebook Marketing.

Your Facebook Profile

The full-detailed page becomes available once people connect to you and it is your opportunity to create an impression and stamp your personality. You should install relevant applications based upon your niche and objectives. Here is a link to best facebook marketing applications.

Facebook Groups

You can set up (or join) a group on any topic. Within groups you have the ability to post text, discussions, photos, videos and links. As the owner of a group you can also send out messages to your members as often as you like. Members of groups can invite others to join and so it possible for a group to grow exponentially in a very short time. With popularity comes spam - so you will have to devote more time to moderating your groups as they grow larger.

Facebook Pages

A Facebook page can include HTML, Flash and Facebook applications. Fans can sign up to your pages (and pass them on to their friends) and you can again send messages. Pages are monitored more closely by Facebook.

News Feed and Mini Feed

Facebook ConnectionsThe News Feed is what you everyone sees on their login page. It is a summary of what's going in your Facebook world - what your friends are doing, which applications they are installing, which groups they are joining - even simply changing their image, you get to know.

Consider this for a moment. In our viral marketing campaign, we connect with others and when they connect, their connections see the connection through their News Feed. Should some of their friends decide to connect, then their friends see the connection. And the chain reaction goes on.

Groups, Pages and Feeds - the foundation to viral marketing

The secret of Facebook marketing is to apply what Malcolm Gladwell calls 'The Law of the Few'. There are three types of people who have disproporionate impact on others - connectors (know lots of people), mavens (find new information) and salesmen (persuaders). These are the people that you want as fans for your pages and members of your groups. How do you make this happen - by offering something of value to them.

Facebook Events

Facebook Events is an interface for promoting ... events. You can create a page and invite friends to events through facebook and receive replies through the system.

Notes and Photos

You can share photos and blog posts and by 'tagging' they can appear in your friends' News Feed.

Marketplace and Networks

In the past heavily spammed and so tread with caution.

The keys to success with Facebook Marketing:

participate by offering valuable input
be proactive and create groups, pages and events
identify and network with 'the few'
get involved regularly
Automating Facebook Marketing

My advice is - don't think about automation until you understand and have used Facebook for awhile. To use the automation tool I am suggesting, you will need to understand the Facebook jargon and be able to navigate around the site. You will also achieve much better results if you have undertaken some of the activities that cannot be easily automated - installing applications, creating an interesting profile, joined and perhaps created groups andpages.

Facebook Friend AdderFacebook Friend Bomber is a tool to help your Facebook marketing by:

friend requests
friend messages
friend pokes
wall posters

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