Email List Building

Every Opportunity

feature a sign-up form on every page
include links in email signatures
make it easy to forward to a friend or colleague
use in offline promotion - brochures, letterheads, packing slips, business cards, guarantee cards, invoices, posters, adverts, articles, press releases
minimize the effort - you can always collect more details later

Get Attention

don't hide or disguise the link
consider a little non-looping animation
use different color / images / fonts etc
put the link / sign-up form in different places - people can easily filter out certain areas of a web page, particularly if it looks the same on every page
Create Desire

Keep in mind the six influence principles identified by Cialdini

social proof - peer pressure - people just like them are signing up for the newsletter (testimonials are very powerful, especially when accompanied by photographs)
familiarity / liking - establish common ground with your potential members
reciprocity - give them something for free; the urge to reciprocate is powerful
consistency - show how signing up is consistent with what they want to achieve
authority - establish your expertise
scarcity - highlight the unique benefits to be gained from signing up

Make it easy to sign-up - most experts use a simple 2-field form requiring name and email address. On some sites, you will encounter a pop-up of some kind - you will have to judge whether such tactics are appropriate for your target audience.

The scarcity principle can often be used to encourage subscription - limited offers of information, expiring discounts etc.

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