Directory Submissions

Directories are lists of categorized websites.

There is one directory that you should definitely aim for: dmoz, otherwise known as the open directory project. This site is edited my humans. That is why it is so important (it has PR of 7) but also why it can take months to gain entry. There is a massive backlog and too few volunteer editors.

It is still worth submitting. dmoz is rated extremely highly by Google. There are very strict guidelines. Read through the dmoz guidelines and then click the link at the bottom of the page to begin the submission process. Good luck!

Quality Backlinks

It isn't just the number of backlinks to your site, it is the weight or the quality of the links. I have to confess that I am sceptical about the value of hundreds of directory submissions. Who uses directories nowadays? We are in the age of Google - why would I trawl down six levels of hierarchical categorization to find a website when Google will tell me the best sites in nanoseconds.

And if ordinary humans don't use directories, then it is unlikely that Google will regard them too highly.

Directory Submission to High PageRank Directories

I am not suggesting that you completely ignore directories. It is generally a one-off process and so should not take too much time. My recommendations mirror my article marketing strategy and my approach to social bookmarking sites:

target high PR sites and
broadcast to the rest using automated tools
Target High PR Directories

Many of the high PR sites require payment for inclusion. I'm going to ignore these.

Before you begin submitting, make sure that you have read the Roboform For SEO page - it will save you so much time across many aspects of internet marketing (and using the internet generally).

Here are a few free high PR directories that you should target.

a free directory
the web directory UK
internet marketing and services
About Us
Librarians Index
Blogs directory
globe of blogs
superblogdirectory (must be at least 3 months old)
A Google search will yield lots of directory lists. Be careful though as many are out-of-date and the quoted PRs are rarely correct. If you do find additional high PR directories, let me know and I will add them to the list. Submitting to the new sites will take you a couple of minutes if you have set up Roboform for seo.

NOTE: Do NOT use your normal email address - many directories exist simply to collect emails for spamming purposes. Use a temporary email address - create a Google account just for this purpose.

broadcast to the rest using automated tools

No free lunchFirst some words of warning. You will come across lots of "FREE" directory submission tools and sites. As usual, there is no such thing as a free lunch.

Either you will get free submission to hundreds of worthless directories unless you upgrade to the Pro version. Or you will have to insert some code on your website - basically a link to one of their clients. Here are a couple of examples (click for larger image) from onewaytextlink and submitemnow.

not free submitters

If you are comfortable with this, then fine. Otherwise, you may wish to look at the professional paid-for tools on the directory submission tools page.

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