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I am going to talk about two tools on this page: SpyFu (optimizing keywords) and SpeedPPC (campaign management and cost-effectiveness)

Spyfu - use intelligence!

Creating a PPC campaign starts with questions on top of questions. SpyFu will arm you with answers to these:

Spyfu Keywords
How much do my competitors spend to get traffic?
Which keywords are right for what I want to accomplish?
How big is this guy I’m up against?
Are they just throwing money around, or are they following a system?
When has everyone else ramped up their spending?

SpyFu is takes the guessing out of online PPC campaigns. Yes we need to test, test, test - but it makes a lot more sense (and saves a lot of time and money) if we use a little intelligence (in both senses of the word). We can be effective from day one.

Enter a keyword in the search box and SpyFu returns results to help you decide whether a given keyword is a good choice or whether there may be other keyword possibilities. Alternatively, enter the domain of a competitor to discover details of their organic and paid search campaigns.

Even the free version returns lots of valuable insights. SpyFu shows stats (including cost/click, clicks/day, cost/day, number of advertisers, and number of search results), the actual ads that use the keyword, and the organic search results with links to help identify your competitors. In addition, a list of terms that competitors also bought is linked to SpyFu-generated pages with the details of those other keywords. Explanations of each statistic and possible uses of the data are included.

Using SpyFu you will know more about your competitors' online marketing than they do themselves.

But it is also a fantastic resource just for learning what does and doesn't work.For domain searches, you will see similar stats (daily ad budget, total clicks/day, average cost/click, average clicks/day, average ad position, average number of ad competitors, and average ad percentile) designed to tell you as much as possible about the domain’s advertising, including a chart showing the average budget and budget range with monthly data points. SpyFu also supplies a list of keywords and ranking in organic results, plus keywords used in ads and where those ads rank in the sponsored listings. The top organic competitors and top ad competitors are listed. Subdomains and other domains owned are also provided. Explanations and possible uses of the data are again included.

With a subscription, you have access to daily figures, averaged data and trend analysis, including a great deal of industry info in addition to specific sites. SpyFu claims the free access only shows 5%-10% of what a subscriber can see. The cost of subscribing is about $40 per month for US info only ($70 for both US and UK), with some discounts for buying an annual subscription. They do offer a 3-day subscription for only $8.95 (US data), which is a great way to investigate the full power of the tool to decide if it will be useful for your campaigns.

An advanced search feature lets you search by any of the metrics provided so you can focus in on what is most important for your needs. For example, you can use advanced search to discover which keyword gets the most clicks per day or which competitor spends the most. Reports from advanced search can be downloaded via Excel.

SpyFu returns data only from Google. The recent addition of data from the UK is a nice step forward. The folks behind the tool are clearly working all the time to improve the tool and the results it brings back, and considering new ways to present data and new types of data to go after. SpyFu has a user forum that is well-maintained to answer questions and provide a place for suggestions and bug reports. User comments are generally positive.

SpyFu's simple interface makes it easy to use and the low-priced 3-day subscription is a bargain. If you are an affiliate marketer, I would suggest it is almost an essential tool. It could pay for itself in days.

SpeedPPC - turn it up to 11

The secret to cost-effective PPC campaigns is RELEVANCY - relevancy between the keyword, text ad and landing page. Think of their being a chain of relevancy that links them. For every variation in search keyword, you need to create a new chain - or be penalised for lack of relevancy.

But that takes time.

SpeedPPC enables you to ensure that:

every keyword perfectly matches the ad
every ad matches the landing page
And it does this whilst gaining maximum coverage. How? By creating tens if not hundreds of relevancy chains (my words). In minutes. Automatically.

What SpeedPPC enables you to do is to create alternative ads based on geography (use the name of a city or country in the ad), brands, books, movies, occupations - anything. It means that you will pick up long-tail keyword searches that nobody else has even considered.

Watch the video below for more details. (Warning - loud!)

There are lots more traiing videos on the SpeedPPC site. And if you are interested in PPC as an affiliate marketer, there is an affiliate edition that incorporates datafeed software and landing page templates.

There's no trial period for the product, but it does come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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