Best Facebook Marketing Applications

You should install relevant applications based upon your niche and objectives. Here is a starter list of useful business applications to consider:

Posted Items (consider using the broader file support of Posted Items Pro), Notes and Events - all valuable and there by default

My Profile Box - If you are a page administrator for one or more Facebook pages, you are going to love this new feature. Instead of having to click through several links to edit the profile box for your pages, you can now easily click links right within the My Profile Box application

Social RSS - promotes your blog within facebook using RSS. You can create a fully customizable tab dedicated to your feeds.

Telephone - With Telephone you can call, send and receive voice messages through Facebook, just like having voicemail on your phone. All you need is the application and a microphone and you can start sending messages to your friends.
Slideshare - SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. You can upload your own PowerPoint, OpenOffice, Keynote or PDF files and view presentations shared by others. This is a great way to spread thought leadership and expertise through presentations you may have delivered locally.
Facebook Video - Facebook Video provides a high-quality video platform for people and pages on Facebook. With Video, you can upload video files, send video from your mobile phone, and record video messages to your friends. This application is so easy to use that it makes sending video introductions or message a powerful way to network on Facebook
IEndorse - Testimonials are a great way to build the value of your company. This app allows Facebook denizens to endorse your company or find it via the IEndorse business database.
SmartMessage Center - Smart is right. This tool allows you to send messages to groups or individuals and gives you back one single result that you can share. It’s a great tool for gathering information and then organizing it into a single page instead of wading through pages and pages of replies. You can even get the results exported as a PDF, RSS, or XLS file.
Introductions - Introduce your friends to each other and make new ones. Ask for an introduction to a web programmer or good lawyer. Then make introductions for your friends. This application speeds the process of effective networking by helping focus on giving and receiving introductions in a systematic way.
Business Cards - Business Cards helps you network better on Facebook. Personalize your card and attach it to your Facebook messages! View postings and network with others! This application is much like the signature common in email messages. It’s just one more way to say business when using Facebook.
My LinkedIn Profile – Makes it easy to promote your LinkedIn account with a badge on your Facebook profile. Cross promoting social network activity is a great way to extend your reach.
Xing - Hooks into your Xing account (like the LinkedIn app does with LinkedIn) and brings the networking features of Xing to Facebook.
Twitter - See what you and your friends are up to on Twitter and update your Twitter status, right from Facebook!
What I Do – Allows you to promote your services/products to your Facebook network. Display your skills/wares on your profile box and list yourself in a business directory. Recommend your colleagues services and products too.
You could virtually run your business through Facebook applications. If you weren't convinced already, I hope that you can see that Facebook Marketing should be a core element of your strategy.

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