Automated Blogs

Blogs that automatically add content (text, video and images), submit to search engine and RSS-aggregators and are optimised for revenue-generation - without any intervention from you. Is an Automated Blog too good to be true? Not anymore. Here are two options: WordPress Direct and Firepow.

WordPress Direct Automated Blogging

wordpress direct automated blogging solutionBlogs are very search-engine friendly when setup correctly. But even seasoned-veterans can take hours to setup a blog. One way to dramatically reduce the time doing these administrative tasks is to use WordPress Direct. This is a completely automated solution to setting up an SEO-blog with a few clicks. And for up to 3 blogs it's completely free!

As the name suggests it uses WordPress as its foundation. When you install your blog a number of WordPress plugins are automatically installed too, along with a selection of themes that have been specifically designed to facilitate promotion - of your product or AdSense ads or affiliate links.

So far so good - you create some blogs and add keyword-targeted backlinks to your other sites. Nothing to lose!

But imagine if you could create a blog completely automatically - content and all! What if you could setup your blog and then forget about it and a month later you had hundreds of unique posts incorporating text, images and video (all of which have automatically been submitted to search engines and RSS aggregators.) That would really save you some time and improve the quality of your backlinks.

You get all this with the paid-for options from WordPress Direct. This works on the basis of a tiered monthly subscription - the more you pay, the more blogs you can set up.

The solution that WordPress Direct offers can be achieved through using a number of commercial plugins, for which you will pay a one-off fee (Finding Content for Websites) and which may work out cheaper over a period. However, installing and configuring these plugins will require some technical knowledge and, more importantly, a lot more time.

Would you like to protect your content against such software - or at least ensure that you benefit from some backlinks. Read about Tracer on the Protecting Website Content page.

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